Anyone with heart arrhythmias called PAC/PVCs?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Achy-shaky, Jun 5, 2003.

  1. Achy-shaky

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    Does anyone know if premature atrial contractions (PACs)and premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) are common with FM/CFS? I know MVP (Mitral value prolapse) is common but I don't hear much about PAC/PVC - my doctor says they normally don't cause problems unless you already have heart disease but they can be scary because it can feel like your heart stops.

    This is the description I took off of Mayo's site:
    Although it often feels like a skipped heartbeat, a premature heartbeat is actually an extra beat between two normal heartbeats. Premature heartbeats occurring in the ventricles come before the ventricles have had time to fill with blood following a regular heartbeat.
    Thus, the beat feels weak if it's felt at all. This premature beat is usually followed by a pause, during which time the ventricles fill with more than the usual amount of blood. The ejection of more blood from the ventricle causes the next regular heartbeat to feel stronger than normal (feeling like a palpation).

    I'm not sure that anything you do causes them to come on but I notice it at night when I'm quiet plus my blood pressure is low at night so many times I can not feel a pulse which is a bit disturbing.

    Does anyone have this & is there anything that helps it?

  2. AnnG

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    How were you diagnosed? I wonder how they differenciate between MVP and what you have. My symptoms are much worse at night too. My 21 yr old daughter has been having dizziness and "freaky" heartbeats that scare her to death. We are in the process of getting her to a cardiologist. I'm sure she has the family curse (my mom and sister also have MVP).
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    I think just about everyone can have PAC's as well as PVC's. I used to get PVC's a lot when I was working night shift in an ICU - we hooked me up to the monitor & freaked out!! Caffienne is often the culprit as well as lack of sleep, etc. As always you should definately tell your doctor about your symptoms to have it checked out.
  4. klutzo

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    PVC's are the usual type of palpitation you get with MVP. You can greatly lessen the number of these you have by: 1) drinking a quart of water daily for each 50 lbs. you weigh (this hydrates the valve and makes it prolapse less), and 2)taking 60 mgs. COQ10 every morning with food that has fat in it (it is fat soluble and won't be absorbed otherwise). Also avoid lifting heavy objects.
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    I finally got around to reading the responses and so glad I did because again last night I was having it big time. I normally only drink 1 decaf coffee in AM and then drink around 90-96 oz. of water daily which does help but yestereday I was out running errands & forgot to bring extra water which I'm sure didn't help. It seems like when I have a day with sensory overload or lack of sleep day before is when it happens at night.

    Barb - I'm like you - did the stress test with no problems. My PAC/PVCs were picked up on 24-hr monitor and cardiologist said they were nothing to worry about but that was 3 yrs. ago. I had a visit to the ER few weeks ago that didn't find any problems either. I was wondering do you use Splenda instead of aspartame now? I switched it 2 mos. ago but I'm wondering if it could also cause these types of symptoms.

    Speaking of sugar, I just remembered I had birthday cake/ice cream last night (my hubby's big 70) and afterward felt nausea - haven't had that much sugar in a long time. Maybe that also was a factor.

    Klutzo - I restrict myself to lifting anything over 15 pounds due to bad back. Thanks for the COQ10 tip - I was taking 30mg in am and 30 at night - what is reason for taking 60 in am? If this happens at night wouldn't it would be better to take in evening?

    Any other comments from anyone are welcome.

    Thanks again and have a blessed day.
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    A couple of years ago at 43 they thought I was having a heart attack, after having difficulty breathing high blood presure and a feeling of nearly passing out.

    I was sent to a cardio and did all the stress test and they decided to do a heart cath...what they found was that my heart was speeding up to 250 a min and it was caused from extra muscle growing in my heart. they lasered the muscle and I have some problems but not like before. Its called Wolf-Parkenson-White syndrome. They tell me I was probally born with the problem.
    God Bless...
  7. starstella

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    My symptoms and test results sound similar to yours. My doc put me on a med (toprol), which many people take but it made me sick. Then I was prescribed verapamil, which has reduced the frequency a lot. Even so, i still get some pretty interesting episodes at times. I always drink lots of water, take 50mg CoQ10 am and pm, and don't use artificial sweetners. I pretty much avoid caffeine except for an occasional cup of regular tea in the am. My opinion is that the FM has something to do with this.