Anyone with Heat Intolerance!!

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    I live in Southern Ont. and it has just gotten really hot. I am going nuts. I can not believe how much I can sweat in a day. Any physical activity and I am done for the day.

    Another guestion I have is: My symptoms are Brain fog, can't concentrate, achy legs, absolute fatique, IBS, if I overdue it my whole body aches, weight gain, throat is always sore, depressinon(on Effexor), interupted sleep at night and I just don't feel like doing anything, SO I am wondering if it is CFS or is it to do with my throid? Does anyone else suffer from the same range of symptoms and have been diagnosed? Some of you talk about excercise helping and making you feel alittle better, I can not even physically get myself to do that. My head is so unable to focus. I use to walk every morning at 6:00am for half an hour and now for the last 4-5 months I can not even get myself out of bed.

    Any advice would be much appreciated. I am going to see an Internist in July and I can hardly wait.

    God Bless
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    Lets' talk about hot! I live in Florida!!!
    Seriously, I think you should get your thryoid checked and do not settle for a TSH. Make sure they do a free T3 test as well. Many of us with FMS/CFS cannot convert T4 to T3, so unless you have that test, your results may look normal, though they are anything but. Also, your doc may not know about the new "normal" ranges for thyroid. If your TSH is over 3.0 and they tell you it is normal, that's not true. If thyroid problems or depression run in your family, it should not be over 2.0. Ideal for an adult female is 1.0, and the closer you can get to that the better.
    I had cold intolerance ever since getting fibro and a TSH of 4.2 that was never treated because the doc insisted it was normal. About 2 yrs. ago I developed heat intolerance as well, a real problem in a place where it is 90 degrees for 7 months of the year!
    I am now on Armour Thyroid, which is far better than synthetic meds for most of us. My heat tolerance is vastly improved, and so is my energy level and my mood.
    I still have pain, and I still wake up every couple of hrs. at night, so it is not a cure, or at least not yet.
    However, if it is part of the problem for you, taking meds for it will help you a lot. Besides, untreated hypothyroidism eventually leads to both osteoporosis and heart failure, so don't ignore it.
    Good luck at the doctor,

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    A couple of week ago or so I posted about the same thing and got several responses. Exact same topic. Check that too.

    Lynda B.
  4. DTJ6PPC

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    I mirror your illness almost exactly except for the sore throats and I am of the male persuasion.

    Ive copied excerpts from my member profile that might be of use to you;

    <Illness profile:

    CFS, no significant body pain, debilitating fatigue (awake at 7am falling asleep on the job by 10am), stress fatigue, sleep disturbed, extreme tinnitus (very high frequency ringing of auditory system), IBS, headaches, memeory loss, loss of balance, brain fog, loss of concentration, slight hand tremors, extreme weight gain despite heavy exercise and diet, bone spurs, skin rashes discoid in shape but ruled out as not being wringworm, mouth blistering, heat intolerant although experience cold/numb feet, photosensitive (sunburn much easier than pre-illness), fermented alcohol intolerant (causes immediate brain fog and sleepiness).................................................I have been treated with very few medications, a few anti-virals such as acyclovir, and a couple of antibiotics such as doxycycline and significant affect.
    ............................................................6 years ago, in 1997, because my weight level had ballooned to dangerous levels despite extreme exercise and diet, I began taking the Fenfluromene/Phentermine perscription medication for weight loss, the Flenfluromene was banned 1 month after I began its usuage due to pulminary issues, I continued with the Phentermine and a low carb. diet........................................................Surprisingly, due to the Phentermine, my illness nearly went into full remmission. Almost all of my illness symptoms except for the tinnitus, headaches, and stress fatigue disappeared. I returned to about an 80 percent level of my pre-illness capabilities................................................
    I hesitate somewhat in mentioning this benefit of Phentermine in my illness profile in that I was not taking it for my illness and it did not turn out to be a permanent cure. 2 years after the initiation of Phentermine, the medication began to lose its affect and most of my illness symptoms returned, so I am now operating at a 50 percent level of pre-illness. But those 2 years of near remission were priceless and have led me to pursue other treatments and medications dealing with the endocrine system, which the Phentermine targetted.<..........Don in Redondo
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    I live in southern Ontario as well and you're right the last few days have been extremely hot. It's not just the heat, it's the humidity. Apparently the great lakes hold it well. Over 40 with the humidity today. I get the same way in the heat,shaky legs, weakness, all red in the face,and my heart beats like its coming out of my chest. I used to be in very good shape,walking several K a day. Some days I can exercise more than others. I was just diagnosed with Fibro but had symptoms for many years.
    I have the brain fog as well, sometimes I feel like an idiot, can't help kids with homework,just feel like staring into space.It gets better and worse.I'm especially bad today as I had to put my 10 yr. old Westie down. Thank God I've got a supportive spouse as I couldn't function without him.Good luck at your appointment.Sometimes it takes more than 1 Dr. to find the answer, hope this is the one.
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    I have both hot and cold intolerence but for me cold is worse. It is a more intense pain. Although, If I am in the sun I burn so quick even with a sunblock.
    I have brain fog, extreme fatigue, pain, cervical spondylosis, parasthesias (pins and needles)arms hands/legs/feet and facial, increased sensory (touch and sound), rash, losing hair with a normal thyroid results, depression, insomnia, at times problems with my speech, concentration,blurry vision, chiari malformation type 1, weight gain and yaddada yaddada yaddada.
    I am a farm girl who use to carry 100 pound feed sacks. Now a gallon of milk hurts to carry.
    Ya know, I wish I knew how people with this can do low impact aerobics. It amazes me. They are wanderful!
  7. Madelyn

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    Heat intolerance, yes. Last summer was awful here in SE Pennsylvania. I was more or less confined to our AC bedroom ( no central air). My Dr. told me just to lay low, that my symptoms were mimicing MS when exposed to such poor air quality.
    Drink a lot of water, stay as cool as you can and pay attention to your body. You can overdo it so easily in this weather. This summer I'm much better. I can tolerate the heat and humidity better. I believe that the things I've been doing all year are very slowly healing things.
    So don't give up!
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    LADYBUG2 New Member

    I live in Missouri,,Lake Of The Ozarks. I have A/C and I use it from March-Nov. I don't go outside much at all threw the summer months,even tho our cars have A/C as most public places are to hot for me and I just start "sweating"

    and they are drenching sweats,,I have long hair, and I put on a hair clip to get it off my neck, but, my complete scalp is wet. And these sweats make me sooooooo tired.

    I also have a fan in each or my rooms. Anyone who comes over brings a litle jacket!!
    I have fibro,IBS,severe migraines, RLS, and I take Synthroid
    for my thyroid; 2 buldging disks, L4 & L5 Neurophthy pain,which feels like lightening shooting pains all over my body at times,Nurontion helps this,but my doctor just switched me over to Topamax.

    Like one of the replys said,,,,I also wake up and then2-3-4
    hours later I am so sleepy I must lay down for an early morning nap.

    Its scarry,when a sleepy spell hits me and I am driveing to the store!!!!!! My husband does most all of the driveing.

    Excerise, is out of the question for me, just planting a
    flower out side,can make my legs achey. One doctor had me go to physical therpy for my back,,,and from just ( 1 )
    visit,,I was in bed for a week.....

    Also like you, THE BRAIN FOG !!! I have fell now 3 times,,its like I just loose my balance.. Always bumping into something.

    I take Klonipen and Flexeril at nite, and I am lucky if I sleep 4 hours....

    The Neurontin was a blessing for the over all body aches,
    it helped that by 70 % I just hope the topamax my doctor is switching me over to,works as well. And I read onthe board here some members are looseing some weight since they started takeing Topamax.

    The main thing its seems ,,for me,,is to, pace myself,,and NOT OVER DO IT. Even then I still have days,I just stay in my gown, froming not feeling well. Also, I am Chemicial sensitive, to EVERYYHING.

    My friend was almost bed-ridden for 2 years !!!!!
    She now is just a little better. It seems like you have many of the sames symptoms, as alot of us have from this,DD

    Soft Hugs, LADYBUG2

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  9. donna13210

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    Skeesix: Would you please, please post your opinion on the Cool Vest after you try it? Personally, I would really like to hear about it. It sounds great! Is it expensive?

    The icon to the left is how I look and feel in the summer. Every year it seems harder to tolerate the heat and humidity. How I hate feeling damp all day! And the fatigue gets so much worse.

    Could I find a similar vest at, say, a sporting good store maybe? We don't have any race car driver stores around here! ha ha

    Thanks.....hope it helps you!
  10. Jen F

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    I can't tolerate the cold well, but neither can I tolerate extreme heat these days. My head gets especially hot and I have to dunk it under cold water.

    Last year during the heatwave, i got heatstroke because was too hot in my apartment.

    so, yeah, it's been rough.

    If we have power problems in the future and experience brown or black outs, and lose the power for our air conditioners, it will be pretty ugly....

    If you can't get out of bed last 4 months, definitely look into thyroid.

    sore throat I would think would indicate viral activity, perhaps some antiviral herbs and plants in your diet/supplements would help? Also, your candida levels might be high.

    Poor sleep will make things worse, so you need to address that, practice good sleep hygiene, perhaps medicate for better sleep.

    lastly, some people on Effexor get very sick and depressed FROM the Effexor!

    Hope you figure it out.

    Pls continue to let us know how you are doing.

    Thank God it is a little cooler tonight!!!

    fellow Southern Ontarian

  11. sybil

    sybil New Member

    it is rarely very hot,especially in the north of england where i live.but recently it has been boiling,very humid and i have been loads worse,pain wise and exhaustion wise,

  12. IntuneJune

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    When it is hot, I feel as though someone pulled out plugs at the bottom of my feet and all my energy, resources just drained out of my body leaving me with NOTHING. June
  13. aching

    aching New Member

    Hi All, Just wanted to let you know I purchased something(I call it my sweatband).Don't know exactly what it's called or manufacturer,but it is a piece of cotton about 2.5 ft long filled with non-toxic crystals.You get it wet and the crystals turn to gel and it stays cold for days. It has been a god-send for my migraines as it stays cold all night long.It is also great when you work or walk in the sun. I put it around my neck and it keeps me cooler. I'd be lost without it. I bought it at a craft show and wish I'd bought more. Maybe you've seen them.
    Take care, Piper
  14. loopyloo

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    Like sybil said it is not that hot alot of the time but i just seem to be hot all the time if i sit on a chair when i get up its like some one has thrown a bucket of water over me the back of my clothes are all ways soaking wet and it is embarrassing some times as you can see it on a t shirt or top and it might not even be that hot out i have leather sofas and last night i got up to go to bed and the back of me was soaked i had a shower before bed as i was so hot and sweaty.
    Loopyloo xx