Anyone with IC and Lyme?

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    LISALOO New Member

    Since I can't get into a LLMD til Summer I was going to try the Buhner Protocol. However, I wondered if anyone got the Cat's Claw that he recommended and had a problem with it?

    I tried Cowden's Protocol but couldn't handle the alcohol, however, when I added Samento my bladder got even worse.

    So I don't know if Cat's Claw/Samento in a pill will be any better.
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    It's in the book "Healing Lyme". There is an old post here on this board that lists everything that should be taken. I did 1/2 the protocol while on Abx and found it to be helpful.

    I don't have an official diagnosis of IC but I do have one of those tricky bladders. I have lots of food allergies from the candida so I have to watch what I eat. I don't care for those liquid herb tinctures over taking a capsule of something. I don't like the taste or all of the alcohol.

    Good luck!

    LISALOO New Member

    I think I am going to try the Buhner Protocol, but of the three main ingredients, Cat's Claw is listed, which is the same as Cowden's Samento ( same product, different names) but in pill form. I'm having issues with oregano so I don't know if I will have issues w/ Cat's Claw.

    Also my worry over the cat's claw is that when I did the cowden protocol, my bladder became worse after starting, but got 10x's worse when I tried to add the samento. I had to quit after 5 days it was too unbearable.
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  4. Bluebottle

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    Yes, I have IC too. I've been taking Samento and Cumanda for 6 months and my IC has become much worse. I've just run out of them & it's a lot better.

    I'd like to try oil of oregano but think it would send my bladder into orbit.

    LISALOO New Member

    Have you been taking the Samento and Cumanda in liquid or capsule form. I know the liquid killed me. I'm hoping on Buhner's that capsule Samento won't kill me.

  6. Bluebottle

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    I've been taking them in liquid form. I don't take them near bedtime as they keep me awake running to & from the bathroom.

    I've just started taking Lauricidin & it doesn't affect my bladder at all - bliss. It's supposed to be a natural antibiotic.

    LISALOO New Member

    does anyone else have both IC And Lyme? I am so scared about herbs and it bothering my IC. But the only other option is to give up and say goodbye to life because I am almost bedridden and each year I get 20% worse.