anyone with info on facet injections>help

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    I have been going to a pain clinic for nearly 2 months..
    After the first month I had to have this thing done that only was referred to as a procedure..hmmm No one would tell me what it involved.Well the day of my procedure I found out why they wouldnt tell me what they were gonna do before. Man it was torture to say the least.I had 8 injections, starting from behind my ear down to my shoulder.I was not sedated,nothing to calm my nerves.And man I fear needles..I didnt think I would live to get out of there,but I did. I thought for a couple of days it was maybe gonna help me. But then after about a week I started
    hurting in places I had never hurt before, really bad.Its like I traded one hurting spot for another.I have had the worst leg cramps I have ever had at night.Well I am suppose to have another procedure this week (help)
    Has anyone had these procedures or know any info they can give me? I would be soooo thankful.Prayers will also be accepted.. God Bless All*
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    I don't know if that is what they did to you but I would not allow anyone to administer shots or any treatment without your full understanding of why and how it should help and the possible outcome or side effects of any treatment. Do not let anyone else decide for you and if you are not in the frame of mind to question then find someone you trust to help you interpret for you; before you go through any procedures. Many times this illness makes us so unable to speak or think for ourselves. Please take care.
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    I have read to many Negative things about People with the combo of FMS/CMPD, getting the Injection's.
    I for one will not let them do Botox or Lidocaine and not COrtozone(Sp?) because of past experience's with any kind of Needles in my back. MY back dosen't seal up the holes for some reason when they do Spinal Tap's, so I don't want to test my Luck with shot's that probably won't help anyway.

    Denice, who's your Dr.? I'm in Long Beach, and I'm seeing a Neurosurgeon this am. Bet he want's to do the Injection's. He causally mentioned them on the first Visit.
    All I want from this Guy is some infortmation on why my Neck is hurting me so much. I have Spinal Stenosis and DDD, and OA, so that can make the FMS and CMPD TrPs go nut's, and add's to the Pain. Unless a Doctor is familiar with this Casading Effect of other Co-exisiting condition's, and the Syndrome we have, I don't think they can help.

    I have yet to meet a Neruo, that wasn't, egotosical.
    Very Puffed up Doctor's, with their own Ideas, and if you don't care to go their way, well you must not be Hurting All that Bad. Right!!! Lost the Use of my Right arm, Thanks to one of thoes Type of Neurosurgeon. SO I trust none of them.

    GOod luck lindangel, if you go this route I wish you all the luck and hope it will help. I'm one of thoes, that can't be helped, by so many Treatment's that I stick to my Guns about any Changes. RIght now that is.
    Hope your Pain get's under Control, which ever way You Chose.

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    I find when they get into the right spot/tp area. That I do get sick or feel worse sometimes. I think it is like a herx. It breaks up the toxins building up in those areas. It should hurt if they get the right spot. This last time I got pretty ill,pain got worse by the time I was driving home. This doe`s not always happen. I felt she did a good job then of getting into those tp`s this time. I have to drink loads of water for days.

    I used to get up to 30, 10 to 15 on either side of head,behind ear and neck. That doc would just keep finding so many spots he touched. So he gave me as much as I could stand. Now where I go they give me 6 or 7. I ask for lidocaine and not steriods any more. Prednizone and other from my research is not good for fmer`s unless you have too do do other problems. Steroids can stay in our bodies for up to a yr. It may not be agreeing for you if that is what he uses.

    They are now pushing Botox for fm saying tests show it is helpful. I refused it we are sooo sensitive. I still feel I need alot more info on Botox for fmer`s before I wil do it. My gut just says no.

    My injections are temp. I know, but eventionally I can move my head,neck and arms aliitle better. Then have to do it all over again, really need them about every 6 wk. But they are charging now plus co-pay up. So I have to wait longer now.

    Clinic I worked at people came in so bad begging for injections. Came in even on holidays, crying from pain and needing help. Many found relief from them.

    Take care, find out what is in them stick to a caine, it numbs the area and breaks up the deep toxins that build.

    Hugggs/Just think in your back you can not see the needles atleast
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    But, it all depends on who is giving them. The art is in the doc who is giving the shots..My docs always says why should you have to feel pain?? She belives in numbing the area prior to injections....I just had 8 done in my back last week for a torn ligamet (spelling??) Seems to have helped, but the two days after injection were tough..I was very sore and stiff..But, it has been worth it!
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    No I haven't heard of him. My NeruoSurgeon is Dr. Szper's, adn he's very nice, but he wanted to do the Injection's, and I said no, but how about some P.T. and he agreed to that.
    Now I just have to wait for the OK from the Blasted HMO.
    I need Massage Therapy real bad. Gonna call around today to see if there is one locally.

    I need Surgery, and I'm not to Happy right now. I almost said yes to the Injection's, but then, if I have to keep getting them, and I don't do well with needles, I guess I'll wait till the Pain is to where it'll be of help to do the Fussion.

    Did you ever read my Post about Mike Jacob's? He was my Favorite Proffesor, lol.