anyone with interstitial cycstitis?

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  1. chris350

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    Anyone suffering from interstitial cystitis? It comes along with Fibromyalgia.
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    I had a lot of symptoms of interstitial cystitis and was even assumed to have it by one doctor, but upon closer examination (by a urologist) I do NOT have it.

    Some important points:
    Often times it's assumed anyone with bladder pain that comes and goes but there isn't evidence of a bacterial infection, has IC. But often times the muscular causes of it are overlooked.

    I had pain with urination, pain with sex, nagging pelvic pain, etc and it turns out what I DID have was flared up pelvic floor muscles! Once the REALLY good urologist noticed that, she sent me to a PT and it was much better in a matter of a couple sessions. I thank the universe that I was sent to that really good gyn/urologist!

    I believe pelvic floor tension/dysfunction in women is frequently overlooked and can be the cause of many of our troubles, especially if we have fibromyalgia or chronic myofascial pain, etc. because our bodies are already hypersensitized to pain.

    Selected from a previous post I made on here:

    "Pelvic floor muscles are the muscles from your front pubic bone to your very low back, that create the hammock between your legs where your uterus, bladder, etc are. Inflamed muscles in that area cause a lot of the things that you are all describing- the muscles can get that way from an injury, from stress or having other muscular issues (mine might have been caused by an accident that rotate my sacrum and lower vertebrae and then made worse when I developed CFIDS).

    I was treated with physical therapy (had pretty major trigger points around my hips and *inside*) and after a couple sessions I was pretty much completely better! I was pleasantly shocked.

    Now I don't have bladder pain (unless I get dehydrated) and I don't have pain with sex ... oh and I don't have pain that shoots down my leg either (nerves were being impinged upon with my messed up muscles). And if I would have a problem in the future, I know the things to do at home to treat it. Pretty cool huh?

    I STRONGLY suggest seeing a urologist, gynecologist or PT (specifically ask if they work with women with "pelvic floor tension" or "pelvic floor dysfunction" as this is NOT commonly recognized or treated, but it should be).

    For more info I recommend checking out these resources:

    Pelvic Floor dysfunction and Interstitial Cystitis

    Pelvic Pain Help: A Headache in the Pelvic "
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    It is also more common in people with CFS. It tends to hit us women around the age of 40 so I have to wonder if part of it is a hormonal problem. I am in hormone hell right now and my IC has been quite a bit worse the last few months.
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    Thanks for the reply. I have confirmed I do have I/c and have had it for a while.