Anyone with Lyme from Florida?

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by TaniaF, May 24, 2007.

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    I have the bulls eye ring rash which the dermo didn't know what it was when they biopsied it. Came back inflammatory. I'm getting more body aches, headaches, loss of appetite and feel sick.

    Not sure if this is a tick bite, although my dog had many ticks this past year. Most doctors here say we don't have lyme, but an article from University of Florida says we do, and also variations of the bacteria.

    Just curious if any of you are from Florida.

    Please post.

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    in my post of what state do you live in with Lyme. I think I answered you on the fibro board but I would get a good lyme DR or one that knows something about it. The earlier treated the easier it is to get it under control. Good luck
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    You can read my posts here about my son's progress, he has just hit 2 year anniversary of oral abx and has had a lot of symptom resolution altho not completely well yet; he will be 20 this summer.

    He won't be able to take insurance tho, the NC med board is giving him a lot of problems over long-term abx treatment of Lyme; likewise many other states are doing the same to LLMDs.

    all the best,
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