Anyone with Medicare and husbands insurance-help?!

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  1. deb06

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    I will be eligible for Medicare and prescription drug services soon. I am wondering how it works to have both your husband's medical insurance and then pay for medicare and the prescription drug program.

    My Medica insurance is free under my husband's policy. I think I will have to pay for both Medicare and the presciption drug program.

    My concern is that I will actually lose money. Or will one be my primary and the other be my secondary and ultimatly what one doesn't cover the other will and it will be worth the cost of the Medicare programs?

    I will appreciate any personal accouts , thanks!! Deb
  2. Jen102

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    but this is what i did. i confirmed that i will still be able to be covered by my husband's insurance by writing them a letter. then i rejected the medicare and prescription drug coverage. there is no penalty for not getting them if you have other insurance and if you sign up for them within a short period of time after the other insurance is over (such as if your h retires). I hope i am doing things right. please check with someone to be sure, but hopefully this is correct. let me know if i'm doing something wrong. jen102
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    My DH we signed him up supposed to be getting free program (he was formerly getting PAP for free).

    However, due to some mix up affecting him and thousands more, they are charging him $26 per month and then per scrip. This was Ok except they apparently all only cover the first $2,000 of meds, then you have to pay the next $3,600 yourself, before getting the plan again.

    It is so hard to understand. They will only cover generic unless none, and also many don;t cover some pills, and pharmacies don't accept all plans. They can remove any pills off their plan after three months.

    Hope this helps, and hope it gets sorted out soon.

    Love Anne C
  4. bluestanglady

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    I'm on Medicare disability and also covered under my husband's insurance and prescription program. I received a letter from my husband's insurance stating that their prescription program was better or comparable to the Medicare prescription service and that it was to my advantage not to enroll in the Medicare prescription drug program. (I think insurance companies are required to send the letter). Then I received a notice from Medicare as to whether I wanted to accept or reject the Medicare prescription drug program. There is no penalty for rejecting it (plus it costs you if you do enroll in it and if you're covered under a good drug insurance program, it's definitely not worth the hassle). So anyway, when I go to the doctor, I give them both my Medicare and private insurance cards. What one insurance doesn't cover, the other will pick it up. When I go to get prescriptions, I give them my private insurance prescription card. Our pharmacist said they were really having a lot of problems getting Medicare approval on a LOT of drugs and people were really frustrated with the program already. Hope I haven't confused you and hope it helps.
  5. TXFMmom

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    As I understand it, if you are disabled and getting your husband's insurance, then his insurance is the primary, and you are automatically given the hospital coverage, but you must decide and pay for the doctor and or the pharmaceutical coverage and you don't have to take either, since you are covered under his.

    I did not take the pharmacy plan.

    Medicare will not pay until my primary pays, but once I have met the yearly deductible, they pay almost anything my insurance does not pay.

    Additionally, sometimes, if you are having trouble getting payment for a procedure or test or something, which is covered by Medicare, Medicare will intercede and tell the insurance to PAY UP.

    That is one good thing about it.

    If Medicare pays and says it is not experimental, then it is very difficult for the insurance to say no.
  6. In my long as I have had Medicare Coverage, Medicare has been my *Primary*

    BUT* my husband works in a machine shop where, there are "LESS THAN '100 employees' so, his place of employment fits in that bracket where medicare is the PRIMARY INSURER, and my husbands inururance is SECONDARY, for that reason.

    This insane plan just gives my ulcers, ulcers!!!!! (a very nervous LOL)...

  7. In my town, (smalltown USA) here in Indiana, even at the pharmacy in Wal-Mart, and at CVS, DH said that they had people (representatives) sitting at desks for a while beside the pharmacies with pamphlets, and there to help people, with the new Drug Plans, so, you may want to ask your pharmacist if there is going to be anything like that held anytime(s) before May 15th..

    Question, aunt said I should have gotten a "Medicare book for 2006, it's a BIG book.." I have gotten NOTHING from medicare this year...including my form, to fill out, for my drug plan,

    Is there a book I also need to request when I call them for my form??

    I've been at my same address for almost 4 yrs, they can get my form out to me for filing taxes every year, but not something simple yet VERY important like this out to me... GRRR...
  8. deb06

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    I have been helping my mother with choosing the proper pres. drug program, but this is so complicated with having my husbands insurance and not wanting to end up actualy losing money!!

    To be honest, I am still just thoroughly confused, but maybe understand abit better, so thank you all. Deb