Anyone with menieres disease or vertigo?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by DavidTeer, Feb 11, 2003.

  1. DavidTeer

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    Does any one have any info on meneires
    disease or vertigo. My wife has it along with fibro and I get a lot of info on the fibro but not on these. She was taking antivert but it does'nt help I would like it very much ifyou can help me on this.
    Also I read the respnses to " new guest wife has fibro" to Gee and she really enjoyed them. With the vertigo she can't look at the screen to long. This is why I do this for her. Thank you very much foryour support.
    Dave and Gee

  2. Dayle

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    God bless you & Gee. I had vertigo off & on for years, since I have been on a hypoglycemic diet for 4-6 weeks that problem has all but disappeared. I would recommend that you find out all you can about guaifenensin. It has really helped me & I have only been on it 6 weeks. It is not an easy protocal but well worth the effort, the great thing about it is that it is quite cheep. T/C D.
  3. Jan

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    I was mis diagnosed with meniere's several years ago. I have been battling balance and dizziness for over 8 years. I didn't know at the time that this seems to be part of the CFS. I have CFS and fibro. I learned that I can not tolerate sugar or neutrasweet. Those two things made the balance problems much worse. A friend of mine that has fibro was also having lots of dizziness. She was about to go to the doctor when I told her to stop drinking or eating anything with neutrasweet in it. I talked to her the other day and she said the dizziness was gone!!!!!!! Lately I was put on Neurontin for the fibro pain and neuropathy. It has calmed down my nervous system and my anxiety went away and the balance and dizzy problems are almost gone. I started out very slowly with the neurontin-100mg three times a day and I am slowly building up. I am now on 200mg twic during the day and 300mg at night. I sleep much better. So far, no bad side effects for me.
  4. LauraLea

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    with acute vertigo, but then my rheumy dx'd me with FM and the meds I've been take seems to help with the vertigo
  5. stillafreemind

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    Yes..about fifteen or twenty years ago I was diagnosed with it. It BITES! What else can I say?

    This is what I did..I tryed to slow down on my nicotine, cut way down on the caffeine and salt.

    I took least 1000mg. while sick..zinc..selinium

    To this day..when I start to get dizzy..I head for the same things to head off a repeat. I hope something helps soon..and I hope you do not lose your hearing Dee. I lost a wee bit, but felt fortunate not to have lost more.

    Wishing for you both...better days ahead....Sherry
  6. 2girls

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    Hi Dave & Gee

    I have nothing on Meneires but I was diagnosed with Labrynthitis Sept/01. At the time vertigo was a big problem. Doc prescribed Serc which helps control this.