anyone with numbness/tingling?

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    Just wondering if anyone else has experienced numbness and tingling as well as muscle pain/aches tiredness, headaches etc with their fibro? I have been experiencing more neuro type symptoms recently including on 2 occasions losing about 90% of my vision for about 1-2 hrs each time. I currently have numbness in my throat and tongue and tingling/pin pricks down left side of head/face, back and legs and left eye twitching off and on. I've had a couple different MRi's of head the past 2 years neuro originally took to r/o MS showed some white matter lesions, decided on fibro dx instead, but last took in 2009 unchanged. Plan to revisit neuro when can get in, but just wondering others experiences?
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    i have a lot of muscle twitching. last MRI was normal but it was over 2 years ago. scheduled for another one.

    i think the infection in our nervous system can cause twitching and such....HIV can do this as well.

    have you been tested for XMRV?

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    Take it from me..I had a fibro diagnosis for 21 years before discovering the CAUSE of my symptoms.

    Remember that something caused you to become have muscle pain, fatigue, headaches, loss of vision, twitching, numbness, tingling, white matter brain lesion, etc.

    It is likely that an infectious agent caused you to become ill.

    It is even more likely that the causative agent is the bacterial spirochete called Borrelia burgdorferi.

    You have many of the symptoms.

    I would bet money on it.

    Borrelia burgdorferi infection is often diagnosed as MS, fibromyalgia or CFS among other things.

    Unfortunately 99% of Dr's including neurologists are not properly educated about Borrelia burgdorferi.

    99% of Dr's rule out this infection by seeing a negative result on very unreliable tests, leaving many, many people to suffer forever.

    Please do not discount what I am telling you. This information could change your life and lead you to wellness.

    What is Borrelia burgdorferi??? It is a bacterial a corkscrew. It is the most complex bacteria identified to date. It is a neurological infection....infects the brain and central nervous system...and can infect every organ, tissue, joint.... everything in the body.

    The common name for this bacteria is Lyme disease. Many people discount Lyme because it is a different diagnosis than you already have, and you are sure your diagnosis is right.

    I understand that thinking, because I made that mistake for 21 years. Think of Fibromyalgia as a symptom, not your final diagnosis. Think of it as a symptom of a larger picture for which you must find the cause in order to get well.

    I am going to add some sites here for you to read. You can leave posts for me on the lyme board here.

    This one explains the basics and has an excellent symptom list:

    This paper by a Lyme expert is the Bible of Lyme treatment. It contains a good symptom list p 9-11 and great info about symptoms of common coinfections like Babesia, Bartonella, Ehrlichia etc on p 22-27:

    Important info about how MS mimics Lyme...scroll to pages 48-50 of this presentation:,_LIA.pdf

    The ILADS site..the group that Lyme literate MD's belong to...contains lots of great info:

    Great info, including about coinfections from the California Lyme Disease Assoc:

    Lyme mimics other diseases also : Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS), Alzheimer's, ADHD, Autism, Lupus, etc.

    Lyme is called the New Great Imitator...syphillis was the old great imitator.

    Another great resource is on flash discussion....sign up for free. Go to the Medical Questions board and read posts and post your questions. It is a very active board.

    All the best to you!
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    I agree with nanie- treat for lyme disease/see a LLMD or LLND.

    My disease is now in a horrific place/6 months homebound and declining with to many neuro symptoms includng numbness all over and muscle weakness, jerking, twitching, dizzy, balance et et c and so advanced and i'm chemically sensitive and difficult to treat-in between a rock and had place Would have been so much easier to treat this 12 years ago at onset of "fibro" /headaches.