Anyone with Plantar Fasciatis ???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by elizajane40, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. elizajane40

    elizajane40 New Member

    I have terrible plantar fasciatis. Cannot afford the custom orthotics that my dr recommended. The insurance will not cover. I wanted to know if anyone has some VERY comfortable shoes they could recommend to me? I think if I purchased some really good quality shoes this would help me. It's gotten so that I can hardly walk up and down stairs because of this problem. I feel that it's more FMS that plantar fasciatis.

    Thanks !
  2. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    I know she went to therapy for a while and it got better. She wears only her Reeboks and another pair of soft/hard shoes that look like Clarks. They are very comfortable shoes, but costly.

    I know she says it is extremely painful, so I hope you can find some help.

    Keep us up to date on your progress.

  3. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    See if your insurance will cover physical therapy -- I think they should. Also, I would think you should be able to appeal your insurance co.'s decision not to pay for the custom orthotics. It doesn't sound right to me that they just won't pay for them.

    I did have some physical therapy which helped a little. Also, Advil helped, and I thinked it helped it to heal by reducing the inflammation.

    One more thing - a chiropractor wrapped an ace bandage around my foot, sort of like if you had a sprained ankle, and that made my foot feel better. I think it helped support it.

    To be honest, I don't really remember how it cleared up. Maybe a combination of the physical therapy, Advil and the Ace bandage. I never had orthotics or even changed my shoes.

    One thing -- don't wear heels, those are very bad for this.

  4. sofy

    sofy New Member

    Mine is due to very high arch that have fallen during the aging process. The phrase "falling arches" when joking about the lederly now has a serious side to me.

    Ive learned to fix the problem and learned how to live with it. All the over the counter arch supports dont work for me cus my arch isnt in the exact same place on both feet.

    I found one shoe that I can wear in the summer cuz its a slip on and allows my foot to slide into the right place. Found it cheap at the drug store several years ago but then they never had them again so had to order them on the net for a lot more money.

    The are made by Okabashi and the only ones that they make that work for my high arch are the magnet shoes. Not pretty but functional.

    edit: I just called them and looked at their web site and they no longer make the magne plus sandle I bought. Im crushed cuz my 4 pair are starting to show their wear and tear.

    They do have one possibility the womens "Sport" sandle. It says it has an extra hi arch so that might do the trick.

    If you dont need a high arch the rest of them have a moderat hi arch. They have a store locator so you can see if you can get them locally.

    I tore out the arch support out of an old pair of shoes and covered it with mole skin and taped it to my foot when I wanted to wear some real shoes.

    Then I got lucky. I went to every shoe repair shop I could find and asked if they could make me arch cookies and found one guy who could and did.

    I gave him the home made arch supports and a pair of my shoes. He made a mold and made several pairs for me. Its someking of semi hard material. Kinda rubber like but a synthetic.

    Unfortunately he went out of business so dont know what I will do when these go, if they do. I put them in my shoes with double stick tape and always take them with me when I try on shoes so I know I can put them in the shoe and be comfortable.

    Once I did this I no longer have a problem.

    I also do pilates on a machine which stretches my foot on a regular basis and this helps.

    Look up plantar fac. and you will find sites that describe how to do exercises and stretching at home for no cost., Good Luck
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  5. getfitat40

    getfitat40 New Member

    I have Plantar Fasciatis too and when it is flaring up I find my Merrill shoes to be the best. They are mid-range in price for comfort shoes and I have several pairs now. I used to swear by the Joseph Siebal brand of shoes, but I can't wear them any longer. They are at the higher end of comfort shoes.

    Also, if you are near a "Walking Store" at a mall, they carry 2 high end brands of orthotics - not customized but very helpful. And they are a lot less money then the prescription kind. You might find the store online if you don't have one near you at a mall.

    Good luck and I agree that the level of pain we feel in our bodies makes PF even worse....another lovely connection with this DD!
  6. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I also have very high arches that are now falling and causing plantar fascitis... I found a pair of Mephistopheles' (ooops- edit here-- it is Mephisto, LOL) fisherman sandals that totally took away the pain, but can't find any more with the high arch that I also need! When I don't wear them at least around the house for a day or two, I start limping and hurting again - having that arch makes all the difference for me.

    all the best,
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  7. elizajane40

    elizajane40 New Member

    Thanks to everyone who replied....I really appreciate the help!
  8. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    shoe insert there was and it didn't help. The doctor told me to invest in some really good shoes. I ended up buy a pair of black leather oxford type from Ecco. They were expensive, $l00 at Nordstrom, but I know they are also sold on the internet. This is the only shoe that has helped me and I had been in terrible pain for months where I could barely walk.
  9. rockyjs

    rockyjs Member

    I had a long and painful bout with it several years ago. I couldn't afford orthotics either. I do best with New Balance tennis shoes and Rockport dress shoes.

    My podiatrist taught me how to wrap the arch area with hypoallergenic athletic tape. It takes a while to find the right tightness but it made a huge difference. Eventually the pain went away and my foot is normal again (it had even gotten slightly deformed).

    If you know an athletic trainer or can see someone at a sports medicine clinic they can show you how to do the wrap. I tried the commercial products that are like Ace bandages but they were bulky and then caused my shoes to be uncomfortable. This is just two circles around the foot with tape and you hardly know it's there.

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  10. reebok22202

    reebok22202 New Member

    I've had plantar fasciitis now for several years. I too went through a ton of shoes to find something comfortable. There are only 2 pair of shoes that I have found to work for me. All of the gel sole inserts and all that mess did nothing for me. I found that K-Swiss shoes are very comfortable as well as Hush Puppies. I am a Restaurant Manager and am on my feet for 10-12 hours a day, NON STOP, and they work wonders on my feet. Not 100%, but then again, when you have plantar fasciitis, there is nothing really the full answer. I had a cortizone shot that only lasted about 1 month.

    Take care and stay comfortable.
  11. BabiCati

    BabiCati New Member

    Heels provide a level of support. All the sites on PF and my podiatrist say wear about 1" heels, NEVER FLATS, they provide no support.
  12. proteinlady

    proteinlady New Member

    I learned some stretches in physical therapy that helped immensely. I wear Clarks 99% of the time. Wearing other shoes for more than a couple of hours or going bare foot seems to really aggravate it.

    Good luck and Hang in there.
  13. JackieDH

    JackieDH New Member

    I have had custom orthotics but because of cysts in my feet and frequent surgeries my podiatrist had me get store bought insoles and he actually padded them to balance my foot out.
    I would also recommend getting cortisone injections for it. I wanted to do it naturally and wore a removable cast for three months with no relief. One cortisone shot and I was doing much better.
    You can also do stretching exercises. You lean facing the wall and with your feet far enough from the wall to feel the stretch in your arch. Do this periodically through out the day and before you go to bed.
    Good Luck,
  14. elizajane40

    elizajane40 New Member

    In case anyone is interested, I found a pair of "Born" comfort shoes at TJ Maxx for 40.00, they normally cost between 75-100.00 a pair! Great buy and so far I like them.
  15. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    I've had Planter Fasciatis with heel spurs for around 5 years. I had to change jobs because of them. 3 cortisone shots and a year of physical therapy did pretty much nothing. I finally switched to a primarely desk job and they aren't as bad unless I'm on my feet for a long period of time.. I spent 250. for orthotics only to find they won't fit in most shoes. I bought a gel version at the bone store that is much more comfortable and will work in most shoes. It seems like nothing is 100%. I haven't worn dress heels in over 5 years.. Good luck to you!
  16. geomatos

    geomatos New Member

    find a roll of inch wide 1/4 in thick ace bandage foam, tape piece under pad of big toe to beginning of heel pad. after a few days-weeks of this it usually goes away on its own. it provides immediate relief.
  17. ruby711

    ruby711 New Member

    I had plantar fac. many years ago. I tried several treatments and was lucky to find a podiatrist/sugeon who did acupuncture which cured the problem. His treatment also included foot exercise and massage done by one of his assistants. I have not experienced pain for at least 9 years.
  18. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    Are the best!!! I have several pairs of the open back clogs but they have many styles. I have never worn a more comfortable shoe -

    They are also great for your back. When you wear them and walk alot, your back does not get tired.

    They sell them at "The Walking Store" and sometimes at Nordstroms.

  19. saxwend

    saxwend New Member

    I had it for over a year, bought all the expensive running shoes. Did not help. I finally bought a pair of SAS. They cost about $160. but it went away within a month and has not returned. You have to shop for them, most main stream stores don't carry them. And oh yeah, they are UUUGGGGLY!
    The comfort pad is replacable.


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