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    I posted also on the arthritis board. I have both and have been in a flare with both for 1.5 years. I don't understand the connection between the 2. I am having a hard time telling what pain is what. If you have both what meds are you taking for fm. What are your coping techniques? I have so many questions but I just have to take it slowly. One more question. I really don't understand fm. I have been watching and trying to learn from this board but somehow it isn't connecting. I understand about tender and trigger points but when I read about your problems or symptoms I think it isn't me and I get confused. I have tried to do research but I just am not getting it. Can anyone recommend any info.?
    Thanks a million.
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  2. I have both.Do you know what you R A number is? I can tell sometimes what is causing what. Like joints on hands from arthritis but hubby has this to and he has fibro only.Ribs hurting I know is from fibro. Ruthie
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    Are you asking ra titre which was neg. or joint count. Joint count was 5 on Tues. which was in my lt. knee, rt. elbow, rt. hand and I forget what else. With the fm. when she touches my clavicle both sides right off the chair. My hands ache, knees etc. I am on a bunch of ra meds and have mega back problems. A lot of the drugs for fm are not covered in Canada unless you are blessed with private ins. Thanks so much for your input.
  4. SO doctor diagnosed you with R A without you testing positive for it? Do you have deformed joints yet? DO you have bumps on hands>? Just wondering,Mine was 23 which is positve R A but not bad. I tried mobic,celebrex but nothing helps. The other expensive meds for R A do work well but can't I afford them. Please write back Ruthie

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