Anyone with RA in addition to FM?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Cookie3, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. Cookie3

    Cookie3 New Member

    Just wondering how many of us also are suffering with RA and how are you dealing with your pain and fatigue associated with both of these diseases. Thanks for the input.
  2. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I have sero-negative RA was dxs in 2002. They put me on predisone for a few months and I improved, so they put me on plaquinal 220 mg twice a day.

    It has helped, if I over use my hands, I will wail up with sore and swollen fingers but is goes aaway after I up

    I have osteo too, but feel the plaquinal has helped it too. I use to snap, crackle pop like a big ole bowl of rice crispies, especially the feet and knees. But now things are better, as long as I don't over due.

    I hope you are getting proper treatment for yours- Carla
  3. BethM

    BethM New Member

    Hi, Cookie. I have fibro and suspect RA, but labwork is always negative. My mother is sero-negative for RA, but has it, and has fibro. Her hand specialist recently looked at an x-ray of her wrist and diagnosed her.

    Some days I deal better than others, some days I feel better than others. I am not on any heavy duty meds, just my Darvocet and tylenol and Prozac. Hope I never need the big guns type meds! (I am very aware of the problem of tylenol and liver damage, and monitor carefully.)

    This is a good post! You might want to post also on the arthritis board, if you haven't already.

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  4. kirschbaum26

    kirschbaum26 New Member

    Dear Cookie:

    I was dx with RA about 10 years ago. I took prednisone for 5+ years and it did wonders for me at the time. It also really messed up my body, and now I am paying for it.

    My Rheumatologist then was old, and not too aggressive. He was okay leaving me on the prednisone (up to 20mg per day). I never started the methotrexate or plaquenil that he thought might be necessary. I just took the prednisone and lots of advil.

    For nearly a year now, I have been in what I though was just a fibro flare cycle. Turns out my RA is now out of control. I started on ENBREL last December and was so happy with the nearly immediate results for me. I was doing thing that I have not done in 10 years! Unfortunately, ENBREL stopped working for me after 4 months. I have been on Humira since March, but it has not really worked for me. I cannot take Methotrexate or plaquenil due to my liver (not working all that well). I now have blood tests with values all over the place, so I am not sure what is going on. Other problems include adrenal issues, female issues, heart issues, inflammed liver, and active RA activity. My rheumatologist, and now other doctors are trying to figure it all out. My hands are really becoming a problem as the knuckles are really starting to become more deformed.

    I had taken vicodin for a couple of years when I had problems with my back and neck, but now seem to be doing okay without. I walk alot, swim alot and try to keep moving. Mornings have become a nightmare, as it now takes me nearly 2 hours to be able to do anything.

    I was struggling more with the fatigue when I was working full time. I have been off on short term disability since March, and find that I am not really in a rush to return, as I think I am better not working. Fortunately, I have a good disability program at work. Unfortunately, I recently found out that it is administered by UNUM Provident, which is notorious for denying benefits for FMS. MY FMS is not even my primary dx, which might allow me to get the 70% disability I have been paying for over these past 15 years.

  5. 6t5frlane

    6t5frlane New Member

    I also have RA. take 3 Methotrxate a week. 5mg prednisone daily and I buprofen as needed. I was on Enbrel but had to come off.
  6. SPR30

    SPR30 New Member

    plus several other things......the FM makes the RA harder to treat and vice versa. I am on Remicade now, not helping yet.
  7. lana33

    lana33 New Member

    I also have RA. I tested positive for the RA and I lately have had high Sed rate and C-reactive protein levels. I have been on Enbrel, Methotrexate and Plaquenil for the last 2 years.

    I improved a lot in the beginning. Now I think I have been in like a 6 month flare. Can't be sure if it is RA, Osteoarthritis, or the Fibro. But I know I have hurt more this year than the other 3 years I have been sick.

    What treatments are you getting? I hope you are improving and getting relief.


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