Anyone with Vision issues?

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  1. MsBrandywine

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    I have read where that can be one of the symptoms with the Fibro..
    I went to the Eyr Dr.. or the one that checks your eyes and will give drops for dry eyes and the prescription.. She says my eyes are fine.. other then they took the one for the puff with the eye.. that was a bit high but the lady that took it said if You have anxiety or nervous.. that it can change.. she took it a 2nd time and it was lot lower..
    But my right eye feels like or looks like too when I look in the mirror.. as when like putting on make up or curling my hair.. it looks like it turns in..
    I noticed a woman I know, but we aren't friends where I could ask her.. but I noticed one time when I saw her that hers did that.. so I wondered if others have that issue?
    I do have this like a thin piece of something that floats thru it alot.. and sometimes its like I can see ok out of it and then sometimes its blurry.. so.. I am assuming it s part of the fibro too.. but. just curious if others have it on here..

    I do need new glasses but.. don't have the funds for them.. Medicade pays but.. I have worn the photogray for so many years.. and they wont cover that.. They wont cover for the thinner lenses either.. which with my prescription it is so bad.. they would look like the bottem of a coke bottle. lol Gosh.. I have had these glasses since about 05.. and I know they need to be changed.. but not sure if they are the issue.. or what..
    Thanks for reading and replying in advance!..
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    Hi, I am not sure I understood what you meant about your eye turning in. Do you mean your eyeball literally travels inward?

    There are so many eye issues with FM and ME. I got my eyes checked thinking for sure my prescription needed changing. Turns out there was no change in my prescription.

    I often get blurry vision, double vision, dry eyes, tired eyes etc. The CFIDS Association of America put out a very good article on eye issues in CFS. You may want to look it up since those of us with FM often have many overlapping symptoms as those with CFS.
  3. MsBrandywine

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    What kind of solution do You use or how do You get it.. I don't like using artificial stuff on or in my body.. Tonight they feel dry and like a kind of a feeling like tiny bugs creeping down along side my nose and around my eyes.. Strange.. lol never had that before.. I did have my 2 grandkids down over the weekend.. and my grandson was rubbing his eyes and they were red.. a few times.. and he has allergies.. Plus I don't know if it is allergies or I am getting a cold.. because today too.. its like sinus pressure around my cheeckbones and my eyes feel tired and dry.. so..
    but with the deal with my eye.. Its like when I happen to look in a mirror.. its like my eye ball itself..kind of turns in.. is strange..
    Like I said.. or think I did.. I went and had them checked this summer and she said I did have dry eyes then.. and she give me a new prescription.. so.. maybe that will help.. but as I said.. I have very low income.. in NY state.. the most You can get with your SSD and SSI.. combined is 805.00 a month to live on..
    and Medicade is very stingy when it comes to glasses.. and I understand it is going to get worse with the Obama care..
    I called all over to see about help and I did get an answer back thru one Charity place but they don't cover anymore then Medicade does..
    From my understanding if You have a cataract.. and they do that surgery.. then Medicare will pay but.. Nothing was mentioned about having one.. Thank Goodness..

    Oh well. will have to wait and see but thanks for replying back.. and the same for the other lady.. I t hink it was that replied..
    I will check into this daily solution.. maybe it is just dry eyes.. and I'm getting nervous over nothing.. For I do have alot of anxiety and the like..
    Thanks again.. Healing hugs..
  4. MsBrandywine

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    I was diagnosed with CFS too.. that was after I was with the Fibromyalgia.. and just happened to be at a Disability Dr checkup from getting hurt when I was working.. and he asked me.. Have You ever been diagnosed with CFS.. I said No.. He said.. Well You ahve all the symptoms of it.. so .. Yes.. I do have that and my one Dr said I also have the Myofacial Pain Syndrome..
    Oh such fun.. lol Sheeesh..
    Sometimes i try to tho.. just forget about having it.. because I feel worse by dwelling on it.. I know it is there.. and always.. it is when I get into a bad flare up.. then I come in here and read and ask questions..
    Thank You and Jam both so much for your replies!..
    Sending Healing Hugs to You too..
  5. Beadlady

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    I have dry eyes at times too. I have used Thera Tears lubricating drops with good results. No presertative in them.

    With my recent cataract surgery I was giving Systane Balance lubricating drops and I really like them too.
  6. MicheleK

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    It sounds from your description as if you have a weak muscle. That is what causes an eyeball to move when you are not trying to move it.

    If your eyes are dry, you can just use a rewetting solution or even just keep an eye dropper bottle of purified water and apply drops of that when your eyes feel uncomfortable. That is what I do. If it's really bothering me, I will go and splash my eyes with water in the sink.

    If you have some autoimmune problem, you may need medical intervention for your dry eyes.

    I agree about the blinking. I am on the computer a lot and I do notice I don't blink as much when I am staring at the bright screen for long periods of time. I also don't rest my eyes when I am using it as the doctor suggested. Just closing one's eyes for a minute or two can help. I keep forgetting and only remember when my eyes start feeling uncomfortable. I need to do better on that.

    Hugs, MicheleK
  7. Mikie

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    Floaters are usually not problemental. I've had one for years. They can be removed with lasers but that usually damages the eyes. I've just gotten used to it.

    We see with our brains. When we get tired, it's hard for us to see and our eye muscles get tired too. The muscle exercises do help. In addition to rolling the eyes around, you can move them up and down and then from left to right and vice-versa. Hold a pencil close to your nose and focus on it and then look across the room and focus on that. Keep switching back and forth and, eventually, the time it takes to focus near and far should decrease.

    As far as glasses go, there is a service club which helps with glasses but i don't remember which one. If your eye doc doesn't know, call social services and ask. After seven years, it's really time for new glasses. Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
  8. Beadlady

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    In some areas the Lions Club will help pay for glasses.