anyone with vulvar vestibulitis?

Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by khope11, Jul 22, 2005.

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    I found this message board among my searches for Transfer factor. I have a condition called vulvar vestibulitis (pain in the entrance to the vagina upon touch-tampons, intercourse)....anyway, I saw that Dr. Duane Townsend uses Transfer Factor as a treatment with the thought that it might be an allergy to yeast. I was wondering if anyone on this board had any success with using Transfer Factor for this condition and if so, which brand and name? Also, if not, if maybe Mikie or someone else can maybe recommend a transfer factor that I should try. I am very very sensitive to eggs, so I know that some may be ruled out for this matter. So far, my immediate future endeavors include the paleo diet, high doses of Omega 3's and high doses of vitamins/minerals/antioxidants. I am taking a low dose antidepressant for pain (which isnt doing sqat-and I would rather be off meds anyway since its just treating the syptoms, not the problems). Thanks for your help!
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    Hi Khope11,

    So what I experience is called vulvar vestibulitis? I have had these exact symptoms, but didn't know what it was called and haven't ever sought treatment for it.

    I started Heparin about 12 weeks ago in order to treat hypercoagulation. Many of my CFS/FM symptoms decreased at this time including my vaginal symptoms. I have tested positive for Epstein Barr Virus and Human Herpes-6, along with Mycoplasma. I will start with the TF Blend 100 tomorrow.

    Good Luck with finding an effective treatment! I feel the same way that you do about treating the underlying condition as opposed to only the symptoms.
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    please let me know if you have any luck with the transfer factor and your vaginal pain. I just started the TF 3 days ago. I will keep you posted as well!
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    I have had VV for over 9 years since age 18. I have tried just about everything, including surgery. I have tried TF several times and it did not help my VV. Hopefully it will for you though. I have not heard of it helping anyone, but anything is worth a try w/this awful condition. Keep us posted.
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    I had VV for more than 5 years couldnt have sex, use tampons ect. Tried hydrocoitsone, amitripline nothing worked and then I was refered to a sexual psychologist.

    By using dilators and other techniques I had a massive improvement. It is obviously a physical condition but when you have it for so long you start to tense the muscles and it becomes like a vicous circle. Please try and get referred to someone who specialises in this. I no longer have any pain apart from when I have intercourse - just normally inital pain which goes away.
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    and unfortunately after intercourse. Warm setz baths and irrigations are the only instant relief I have found. I also take hysocosamine (sp?), it is an antispasmodic that helps with vaginal and bladder/intestinal spasms.
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    Does this condition cause any discharge of pink mucus??? I have had some spotting on and off for the last couple of months but my gyno says my pap was normal. The ultrasound showed evidence of a cyst on my rt ovary. I have not returned to the gyno since. Any insight on this??? Any relation to VV??