Anyone working from home? Or work around health issues?

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    Has anyone here found a way that, with our health restrictions, is a real, honest, and reliable way to make some badly needed extra dollars? Any work from home or maybe non-regular, short term work that is not full time?
    The internet is full, of course, of shining promises--very easy to say anything online. . .Would love to hear of some actual work from home or not-too-demanding occasional temp work with short hours for a few days max.
    Any and all ideas welcome!
    Thank you,
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    If you are detail oriented, organized and familiar with Quicken or Excel, you can make money doing receipt data entry for small businesses, in your own home. Some, not all, will pay you cash.

    Or, you can start an ecommerce business on eBay. One year ago, I looked around my house and starting selling unwanted items for start-up capital. I made $2600, invested the money into product, found a niche and now I have a successful ecommerce site that actually pays the bills.
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    I've worked from home for the past 20 years doing office work for a small business. It's part time and as long as I get the completed paperwork to them by the deadline, I am able to work my own hours that fit in with having this crazy illness. And to be honest if a cure came along tomorrow for CFS, I would still work from home. I can't imagine now having to fit in with someone else's hours and being restricted to three weeks holiday per year.
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    I've done referral marketing as a last resource to try and work from my bed. I would advertise for other companies and would get a commision if my advertisements lead to sales. There is some money to be made there if you are creative enough to think out of the box, it is never a fixed amount income though. But what did me in was that when you become a business owner or internet entrepreneur over here you will have so many extra administrative duties to keep up with to do it in a rightful and legal way that where way over my head that I couldn't keep up with even that. I've tried every possible way for over ten years but sadly haven't been able to find a single option that worked for me. I've just specialized in budgeting to be able to live on a way lower income scale. It helps that I'm not mobile and can't go anywhere anyways to keep the bills low too :p. Do ask yourself if it is appropriate to demand of yourself to work though. I would have had a better chance at overcoming this illness if I only would have taken the rest I needed in the first two years. But I wasn't aware of that back then, I spend the first ten years just trying to do as much as I could to get better and earn my own income which caused a lot of extra symptoms that wouldn't have had to be there if I would have paced myself better.
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    Soul, I didn't do any kind of work for the first year after becoming ill with CFS/FM and I still got much sicker as time went by. I don't think pushing really hurts our chances for recovery because the illness is going to progress any way unless you're one of the lucky ones that just recovers shortly after the initial onset. You'll never know for sure, but I think this is the case.
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    I'll see if I can find the link gb, if I remember correctly they researched this but it's been a lot of years ago that I read about it. Probably in Dutch though. Pushing myself definitely has hurt me a lot. I was in so much pain and discomfort day in day out whilst now I know that with the right amount of pacing I can feel much better and pushing myself over the limit will throw me back for up to months.