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  1. donnadb

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    I am in DESPERATE need of energy!! Can anyone suggest a supplement that actually WORKS to increase energy?? I can barely make it through my day (I work with qutistic preschoolers and am also a mom!).. HELP!

  2. layinglow

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    CoEnzyme Q10, B12, and Ginseng (I cannot take the ginseng because of high blood pressure)

    There is another product I have taken called ADR Formula (type it in a search engine to find) It gave me, unbelievable amounts of energy, but unfortunately raised my blood pressure. If you are not hypertensive, you might look into this.

    Best wishes,LL
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    for the info, and welcome. Please go back and erase you url.We are NOT allowed to post sights here!!!
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    and :)
    Mountain Dew
    ok, maybe not the last two -just because the sugar and weight thing, but otherwise you would be bouncing off walls ;)
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    Hi. I too, am a mommy of a 19 month old. Thank goodness I work at home, I don't think I could handle what you do!!

    I take SAMe, but unlike the previous poster, I think it makes me more tired. Besides, that's not what SAMe is for!! I do take a B-complex with the SAMe. You have to take it to prevent the SAMe from breaking down into a substance that promotes heart disease.

    I'm getting off track, but I'd have to say the B-complex and excercising is working for me the best. I still have to take a cat nap every day, but I'm better than I was before...
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    I know where you are coming from. I have no energy either. I an a mom of two teenage girls who are involved in many activities.

    I have found taking a B-complex, extra B-12, CoQ10, reishi mushroom, Kava Kava, Ginkgo Biloba and staying away from caffeine, alcohol and sugar helps. Eating sugar in any form including fructose and honey promotes fatigue, increases pain and disturbs sleep. Eat four or five small meals a day to keep up energy. Drink plenty of fluids. Taking daily walk and gentle stretching is good. Start slow and don't over do it.

    Naps can also help.

  7. donnadb

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    Okay, thanks for all of your responses.. Just one more question..Do you all take all of these supplements together or do you just try one at a time until you find one that works for you??

  8. Trini

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    when I tried it a year ago. Makes u exhausted immediately after but in long run I think it really helped my energy.

  9. sb439

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    I stick to everything that is generally thought to help, which I feel might help, and to which I don't react (and which I can afford ...).

    What is important (for me at least) is to introduce them one after the other, in case there is overreaction to them, and then also to get informed about how long it would take before you notice a difference, some stuff is instantaneous, other things take a few days, others months before you can tell. (Q10 I noticed the same day, Phenylalanine within a week, vitamin B-complex 100 within a week, but stuff like ginko biloba you may have to wait for six weeks to see what it does to you.)