anything good to use for getting angry and upset easily

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  1. lastormer

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    It seems as though I get very upset and easily peeved off with fibro. Anyone have any suggestions on what I can take to help with this. My husband would greatly appreciate this..haha
  2. AllWXRider

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    What helps me is 5HTP as a rapid source of serotonin. GABA + Theanine help with the anxiety. Prohealth sells this as Sun Theanine and it contains all 3.

    Tryptophan is another source of serotonin. Its available in capsule form or you can get it from Turkey (dogs, deli, bacon), dairy (I'm allergic to it), bananas and cashews and almonds. Sugar helps get the tryptophan into the brain. So honey-roasted cashews or almonds are ideal. Bananas and dairy are already sweet.

    Also, if being peeved correlates to your monthly, ask your doc about Progesterone. It helps my wife.
  3. KerryK

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    A good anti depressant like lexapro/cipralex has a very good calming effect.
  4. Slayadragon

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    The things that have helped me are:

    * Natural progesterone, since for a while I had severe PMS. I used Prometrium, which is a product taken orally and manufactured by a major pharmaceutical company. (Other forms of natural progesterone must be obtained through compounding pharmacies. Don't go for progestin--artificial progesterone--since that will make the problem worse.)

    * St. Johns Wort. A good brand that is standardized for both hypericum and hyperforum is essential.

    I'm manic-depressive, and antidepressants have made me much worse on this front. They do help some people though.

    Best, Lisa


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  5. mrpain

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    No not really..I don't use anything because I can get angry & upset on my own very easily... (Just kidding around).
  6. atiledsner

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    I took some sinus medication one time that made me very irritable.Steroids also make me ill and easily peeved off.

    My daughter is very ill and has to take hormones at different times of the year not monthly.They make her a real hellcat she says.

    Sometimes we just get angry at the stuff going on in life that we don't have control over. It just gets to us, wears us down and everything just seems to fall out of place.

    I hope you find an answer and peace in your life.
  7. kriket

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    Don't know if you take all natural products or not, but if you do magnesium may help you. It helps to calm the nerves and relaxes muscles also somewhat.

    If you thake prescriptions- I would reccomend XANAX. It is a wonder drug for getting angry and upset easily.

    Everyone is different though, but this is what I suggest.

  8. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    would top my list and its cheap and easy to find. Its not as exotic as it sounds either, its just the name for vit. B5, like riboflavin and thiamine are B1 & 2, but for some reason B5 is always sold as pantothenic acid. Any of the B vitamins are good brain fuel, but B5 is esp. good for mood and memory and muscle/nerve function and its the first thing I reach for when I find myself popping off at the least little thing. It builds a specific neurotransmitter, similar and as important as serotonin, so its like a gentle and natural a.d. on its own.

    The other thing would be St. John's Wort. It's great for anxiety, mild depression and PMS. I'd try the B5 first though, since St. J is occasionally not tolerated by the very sensitive, but I've yet to hear of someone reacting to B5.

  9. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    things, mood related, as well as with the fogs I used to get so badly. Be careful with B vitamins though and only take the amount advised and check if you take a daily all in one vitamin that you don't get too much by adding a supplemental amount!

    I have an AWFUL time with aggitation and temper any more. I have a lot of stressors and good reasons to get upset but I NEVER would have been so fast to get angry or "pop off" as I am now. I try to count to ten and all that stuff too. I pray, meditate on it etc..but it still gets the best of me too often these days! Bambi
  10. jessica0123

    jessica0123 New Member

    I take Cymbolta and love it. It works great for my fibro pain and moods but.......when I do get really upset I have had RX Zanex and Valium both of these are in small doses just to take the edge off. We with Fibro are ALREADY ON EDGE 100% OF THE TIME.