apartment living /commune style for people like us

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    I have been thinking about my future. I am bedridden most of the year with a summertime reprieve, mild though. I need help with shopping, cooking, cleaning, yardwork, painting, etc.

    Wouldn't it be nice for a group of us to band together and live in small aprtments with staff on hand to help with errands, shopping, driving us, help with the heavy stuff....laundry...we would still have our privacy but have a social support network available 24/7....we could all help each other with the things we can still do....like gardening to make the outside look nice...and fixing up stuff in the apartments, someone might be around to help with that task....pets would have to be allowed since many of us need our little friends.

    I bet we could get hairdressers to come to our community room in our imaginary apartment and cut everyones hair all in one trip! And we wouldn't have to leave our home to get a haircut. We could probably order groceries in bulk to be delivered.

    Has anyone thought about the future of housing for people ike us? Low income, need assistance, ill, isolated and lonely....we could locate it in a retirement area since we need similiar help.....what do y'all think?
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    I live in a low income disabled/elderly building and it still isn't the right place for someone like us. They clean the building's floors with strong chemicals that make me sick. The place is full of mold and other things. We need special CFIDS/MCS housing that doesn't have alot of chemicals and molds. And we definitely need some kind of staff to help with things.

    I'm already facing needing help. I need HELP. I just don't know what to do about it yet. This place does a yearly cleanliness inspection on the apartments. I've been trying to do the cleaning myself and it's nearly killing me off. The thing is, alot of the people you get to come in to help often steal. I've gone through it with my grandmother's helper and my aunt's helper. They steal you blind if you aren't careful. They will even wait till you are in the bathroom and then steal out of your bedroom and handbag. This is the reason I'm reluctant to get anyone in here. I'm all alone and I have no one to help me. So this is pretty bad.

    We need a grocery place that delivers. My town doesn't do it. And the few places online that deliver don't deliver refrigerated or frozen stuff.
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    Hey, you guys,

    I wish there were a good housing solution for people like us. We definitely need something mold and chemical free.

    I was discouraged about the lack of grocery stores in my town that deliver. Then I happened to google the name of my town and the word "errands". Suddenly I found all kinds of people who are professional errand-doers, who will shop for anything and deliver it to you. I tried three of them and they were all really nice, really professional and really helpful.

    It cost $10 an hour for one, $20 for a chunk of time for another, so it's not cheap but it's not super expensive, either. One could have the errand person get all the heavy groceries once a month or something.
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    great idea
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    I bumped a post for you about this for you. It is about a community for CFS/FM and related illnesses located in Aiken, SC. Maybe this is like what you're looking for. I don't know where you live, but this is something to consider. I think that post gave the website as www.pwccohousing.org. Or just type in Aiken SC or CFS community housing and do a search on the net if you want to find out more. I looked at the site a while ago, but don't really think I'd want to move so far from my family.

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    not sure if that site is still working, I couldn't find the same info as I'd seen when I'd posted the above link. There is however a site for MCS, that might also work for those with other problems: http://www.safertraveldirectory.com/classified.htm It includes housing, not just renting or travelling.

    Hope that helps.