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    I need some advice from everyone on my current situation that has left me very depressed and more ill. Its a long story so bare with me..
    *(For the short version of the story: the severe noise in my apartment is causing me to have mini seizures almost every night now. We might be able to finally move in April but we have to find a place first. In the meantime I'm trying to survive.)

    About 5 months ago we moved into a new apartment and found out that the walls were paper thin, not to mention rundown with tons of problems that I have to deal with constantly. And we hear everything like when your neighbors pee, snore and talk. Being locked into a 6 month lease we had no choice but to stay.

    We are in an end unit which means we have two sidewalks on two sides of us and one neighbor on the other and then the street in on our front side.
    And these neighbors have several people living there and they listen to stuff with bass all day and into most of the evening. And they are Indian so its hard to communicate with them since not many of them speak English. We've tried but it hasn't worked. So as much as I don't like to do it, I've taken to banging on the wall to quiet them down. It helps a little bit anyway.
    We also have a big grassy area and a bench outside our bedrooms in the back which is a hang out for kids that tend to be very loud. Plus we have someone above us as well. And we often can hear people from other buildings being loud or playing music. Its a very noisy complex overall.

    We just got new neighbors upstairs about two weeks ago and its a nightmare because they bang around a lot early in the morning and it always wake me up. The ceilings are even thinner than the walls unfortunately so anything they do up there it sounds like an earthquake down here. And its a large family of 5 too so there is always someone walking or banging around. We were spoiled because the previous tenants before them were quiet as mice.
    We wrote a note to them and I even told them I had an illness but it hasn't helped much. They are Japanese so I'm not sure how many of them speak English very well.

    Bottom line is this new place has been one HUGE stressor for me from the beginning. I've managed up until this point though, barely. Until these new people moved in..

    Right after they moved in something new happened with me. I was very upset one night and all of a sudden I started having whole body spasms. Scared the hell out of me. That weekend proved to be extra noisy and I had more spasms. For two days I had slurred speech, odd behavior and couldn't walk without falling down. I also noticed I started having spasms after I laughed really hard and during sex. Anyway time I had extreme emotion it seemed or a strong surge of adrenaline.

    Since then I haven't had such bad symptoms but, I still get the spasms here and there. Sometimes my whole body, other times my arm or my leg. But it always happens when I'm really depressed and upset, or if I'm exposed to too much noise for a long period of time. I'm always jumpy and edgy waiting for the next noise these days. Its like all that extra noise turned on a switch in me and I've never been the same since.

    And also because of the new people's noise I always get woke early and can't got back to sleep because they keep making noise. I haven't slept good at all since they moved in. Lack of sleep has increased my pain level again and my fatigue.

    Earplugs don't do much and neither does trying to block it out. The walls/ceilings are just too thin. We want to move because our lease is finally up in April but we don't have the money right now. Plus finding a better place thats affordable around here is like looking for a needle in a hay stack.

    What do I do? I don't get any sleep anymore, I'm having I guess you call seizures and I'm depressed like you wouldn't believe. I feel trapped in a situation I can't get out of that is really hurting my health. Oh and I also have no health insurance currently, although I might be able to get some in April, not sure yet.

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to read. If you have any ideas on what I could do or how I could cope better with the noise, I'd sure appreciate it. Its also good to get some sympathy from people that know what I'm going through thats why I wanted to write.

    I feel like such an odd ball that all the noise does this to me and doesn't bother anyone else around here. My husband of course is not as bothered by the noise like me but of course wants to move badly as well.

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    Hi Piebear,
    Wow..your situation takes me back to the three years my hubby, baby daughter and I lived in student housing. I still refer to it as a "three year nightmare". The way I survived it was by making friends with my neighbors. It went a long way in being considerate of each other. I would find people to translate with those who didn't speak English and then cook or bake something for them. They would reciprocate and we were able to try some interesting foods from other countries. When I became so ill I couldn't even function, neighbors helped out and took care of my daughter. It was a very transient population with people moving in and out every semester. While I survived it, I was miserable most of the time because it was so noisy.

    In hindsight, we should have broke our lease and moved sooner, which we eventually did after 3 years. I was never so happy as the day we left that apartment, even though we were poor and really couldn't afford it. But, in the end, everything worked out, thanks to the kindness of friends.

    So, I guess, my advice is to bite the bullet on the loss of your security deposit and move to a better place. Having moved 24 times in my life, I can tell you apartment complexes are the worst. If possible, find a place in a house, with one or two apartments or rent a whole house...the best solution.

    God bless and hope things are quiet tonight,
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    I know exactly what you're talking about. I moved from a rough complex, where delinquent youth were allowed to stand outside of the buildings and make loud noise 24-hours per day. I really think that my then undiagnosed fibromyalgia took a turn for the worse at that place.

    Now, I live in a much better complex, but 2 people are over me-------a portion of both of their apartments are over me------when my younger neighbor has weekend parties, his company tramples up the stairs. And when another upstairs neighbor gets home from the bar, she sometimes falls from being so drunk.

    You need some kind of a tolerable noise as a distraction------------classical music, a fan or humidifier, a white noise machine, a tv show that puts you to sleep but turned down lower.
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    Thanks for the replies guys, it means a lot to get support and to be reminded there are others that know what I'm going through. And boy do I need comfort these days. I swear it just keeps getting worse around here. I am soo frigging tired cause I haven't slept good at all in weeks. The noise around here is just so unbelievable. Apartment living is just the worst. Of course this place is commune living, not apartment living.

    And no I don't seem to have a huge problem with light. I mean I don't like too bright of lights for very long but for the most part I can tolerate lights in general. I just seem to have superpower hearing unfortunately. =(

    And even if we could break our lease we have no money to move and no plausible options at the moment unfortunately. I want to make sure we don't end up in another bad place since we are having to spend so much to move again.
    And in the mean time I can't get the neighbors to be quiet. They have ignored my pleas it seems. I just want to scream at them: I have a disease please give me sympathy!!

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    We lived in a fourplex and could hear every noise above us including passing gas! It was so disgusting. They loved to play music and TV loud and would argue a lot.

    The best thing to do until you move is buy a couple of box fans from a store like Wal-Mart or a thrift store and keep them going. The white noise drowns out all the background stuff.

    The spasms can be a type of seizure caused by noise. I have some damage to the gray matter of my brain as a result of West Nile Virus, but for some reason the noise-induced seizures don't show up on EEGs - they are geared more toward white matter damage. I even had one while I was hooked up and they could see what was happening, but the machine didn't register the seizure.

    The other thing that will give me spasms is low blood sodium. That happens if I drink too much water or don't get enough salt in my diet. If I get deficient in magnesium I also notice the kind of spasms like you describe.

    Hope you can find a way to move in April. Some community organizations will help with initial deposits and first month's rent, especially when there are medical issues.

  7. piebear

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    Thanks for the tips everyone. I sure appreciate it!

    Well I think we can scrape enough money to move in April but now we just have to find a place. I've never prayed so hard in my life! lol

    And all I can do to shut the neighbors up is bang on the walls and ceilings. Talking doesn't work unfortunately. =(
    So I'm just doing my best to hang in there since its all I can do until we move.

    My spasms seem to be happening more though so if anyone has anymore tips for how to help that I'd appreciate it. I am going to try magnesium but need to figure out how to go about that. I'm so confused on what to take and how much and how much calcium I need to go with it.

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    You simply must stop the stress on your nervous system from all this right away.

    Get a sound machine -- one of those white noise machines or they sound like streams or surf or whatever. They are expensive. The Sharper Image and places like that sell them. Make sure it is something you can return for a refund as they cost 80 - 90 bucks.

    Turn it on as loud as it will go and put it near your bed. It will sound really loud but your mind will eventually tune the sound out. What it does is soften the other sounds as they will occur within this noise. Try it for a few days so your brain will get used to the sound machine.

    Even when awake it is horrible for sensitive people to hear someone coughing or peeing in another apartment. Keep some soft music playing all day -- get one of those spa music CD's -- really bland and slow so it doesn't rattle your nerves too. New age stuff. Or leave the sound machine on in the daytime on another setting like surf or something. Just to cushion the noise.

    Try it. It saves my life, literally and I take it with me everywhere I sleep.

    Best wishes.
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    Some type of relaxation techniques several times a day so sooth your nervous system might help a bit. Your hubby needs to give you a massage every single day too. Yes, I agree about the magnesium and minerals in general. Take a multi vitamin with minerals every day and extra magnesium. It's not expensive.

    Also, would it help you to move your sleeping area to another room? I had one apartment where I moved my bed into the dining room for some peace (very little) before I could move.

    Poor dear.
  10. piebear

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    Yea I'm just not sure how much magnesium I should take or when to take it? And if I need to take calcium with that? I do take a good multivitamin, the fibro complete multi from prohealth.

    And I'll give the relaxing tips a try. Thanks! I do take a bath almost every night too which helps some.

    As far as moving my bed, I can't do because every room is bad unfortunately.

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