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    Hello Erica!

    I think I somehow missed your response to a Post on 3/21?
    Sorry! The hemachromatosis (iron overload) can be easily
    detected thru a blood test for iron and ferriten levels.
    There is a genetic test also, but would only have that done
    if highly suspected thru the first blood test. Such a genetic
    test might well become an unnecessary marker on your insurance record! The medical treatment is a simple blood draw just
    like ya do when giving blood. They continue to do that until
    your iron level (over time) is normalized. Continued monitoring and periodic blood draws continue to be necessary.

    In reference to the Lyme Doc in Chico, I'm wondering if he
    is the one who detected and and treated my Daughter there
    over 12 years ago? I'll check and see if she remembers his

    Gonna place another Post later regarding my last appt.
    with my CNP. Be there, or "be square"!

    P.S. See: www.americanhs.org/celtic.htm
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    that one can order the blood tests that are necessary to determine if one has hemochromatosis thru the above link without your own doctor signing off on it, as their doctor will (american hemochromatosis society)... one needs more than just ferritin levels... and many doctors don't really know anything/much about it.

    We've had our kids tested 2X as kids and late teens, plus my DH, to keep ruling it out as my husband's mother had it... she wasn't diagnosed until she was in her 70s, but women can get an overload anytime in their life despite menstruation... as can men, altho they tend to get it earlier. A LOT of the symptoms sound the same as CF/FM, lyme, etc. At the time my MIL was dx'd, a doctor in the group practice was found to have it too late and he died, despite a liver transplant, in his mid 40s.

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