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    Has anyone ever heard of Aphasia? Do you or anyone you know have it and what is done to help the patient? Is it long term, treatable, etc.?

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    It's where one loses the ability speak. Sometimes wrong word or number comes out. Usually caused by a stroke.

    I've known two people......both were still "all there" personality-wise. One grandfather.....many years ago.....unfortunately was just put into an insane asylum type place even though he was sane.

    A co-worker had a severe stroke but only affected
    his communication, not his thinking.
    Aphasia somewhat treatable....depends on individual injury, etc. Some people recover completely. Some remain somewhat impaired.

    A strange injury.....my friend was "all there" and could say and understand long words, but a simple, single, alphabet letter would baffle him. He could punch in numbers in a keyboard, but would be saying different numbers than what he was actually punching in.

    Usually different types of therapy are available, depending on type of injury. Physical and speech therapy can help. Frustrating though, because sometimes quick improvement, then no improvement for awhile, then improvement again.

    Wishing you luck and wellness, your mr bill