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    It's not often that medical professionals admit to their mistakes; when they do so it helps to inspire patient confidence and respect.

    My PT's errors of judgement were merely the result of his enthusiasm to help me with post operative rehabilitation and the other upper limb neural deficits I have due to prior medical neglect.

    Unfortunately his Tx and recommendations led to more pain, less function, and they hindered healing. He'd begun to suspect this and slowed things down; he also wrote to my surgeon. My surgeon's reply to him made him realise his mistakes which he openly acknowledged.

    I feel it is important to add that my PT has been seeing me on a very regular basis because he cared and really wanted to help; this was not about professional ego. This level of post operative care is rare in the NHS in the UK because everything here is driven by reaching targets (crunching numbers) so quality of care frequently takes a back seat.

    tc, Tansy
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    You are lucky to have received an apology! I am glad he realized he was doing more harm than good. I would have to say that now days it is very difficult to get a good level of care anywhere. Here in the US, it is all about rushing patients through. See as many as possible in one day.
    I have a good primary doctor. She will take the time to talk to you and find out what is wrong and really listens. It is when you have to see a specialist that you lose the "personal" touch. It just becomes so frustrating trying to deal with all the doctors you have to see and knowing which one to see for which problem.
    Sounds like you really do have one of the "good" guys.
    Gentle hugs and have a good day!
  3. kylesmom

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    I'm sorry your PT did you any harm. As a PT myself, I can tell you that most of us care passionately about helping our patients improve, and when we fail, we feel it deeply. At least this is true of all the therapists I know, and apparently, of yours. I hope you can all find a treatment plan that will work effectively for you. Good luck.

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