Appealing a partially favorable decision

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    Has anyone ever appealed a partially favorable decision and won the appeal? If anyone has any personal knowledge of this I would love to hear what your experience was. I won partially favorable with the Date of Onset changed to my 50th birthday resulting in $0 backpay and attorney did not get paid either. We found a lot of mistakes in the Decision and realized that they had the dates wrong on the exhibit list for my treating physiatrist, my pain specialist, and gave him no weight in his decision!! There were 102 pages of records and the exhibit list said I saw him 2 times when in reality I saw him for 3 years. Thanking you in advance.
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    I came off work in 2004 filed 1st SSD claim in 2006 when it was apparant I was not going to able to go back to work. Was denied at my ALJ hearing in 2008. Opened a new claim and got approved without even going to court. The crappy part is he made my date of disability the date he approved me which was early 2009 so no backpay!!

    My first claim was picked up by an attorney that takes cases unfairly denied to the federal level won there and instead of just giving me my backpay made me to before another ALJ judge and was denied again!! Mind you this was after another judge had already declared me disabled. It is stinking crazy how hard the government works at doing eveything possible to keep what is rightfully ours!! I'm appealing that decision and still waiting to hear.

    I just got past my two year review and I was absolutely terrified they would find a reason to pull my benefits simply because I don't trust them. They luckily found me still disabled. My husband of 34 yrs left me three years ago adding to my fear of losing benefits.

    I hope you win with your appeal it is so frustrating how underhanded our government can be.