appendix/stitch type pains anyone????

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  1. morgana

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    On and off I seem to get a pain thats around where youre appendix would be its kinda like the pain you get when u have a sitch in your it feels like someone is jabbing a knitting needle into me Its not there constantly it comes and goes anyone else have this kind of pain??and any thoughts on what it could be ?I have read somewhere that it could be a Myofascial trigeer point?Any light anyone can shed on this I would be very grateful
    Gentlehugs Morgana
  2. sofy

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    Way before I got real sick, well sort of. At one time it felt like everything in that spot was tearing. After a long toalk with my gp we decided it was probably a hernia tear and he said do everything to avoid surgery and it will heal itself. Well for over a year I wore this high top corset girdle thing I bought in undies dept of the dept. store. It was pretty but kept everything tight and that is what my body said it wanted. When it was bad I even had to wear it for bed cuz when I would roll over it would feel like it was really tearing in there. It pretty much fixed the problem but it will still flare up now and then. Out comes the corset. If I push real hard on the spot deep into my stomach I can find a pin point spot but am not at all sure if jamming it is good or bad. I have done that for other problem spots and gotten months of relief but almost passed out from the pain of doing it. I have learned to manage it and after all these yearn it does not concern me.
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    Just bumping up for a few more replies please Hugs Morgana
  4. tandy

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    If i'm thinking of the same spot as you?mine is left sided only,and it seems to be the kidney or ovary area.But your right about the trigger spot somewhere around there.I've heard many others say that there one there~(not sure myself)All I know is it catches you sometimes pretty good!the pain can be sharp for me. I've complained of this a few times before....I just get the head nods~
    I kinda doubt every stinking symptom is FM or CF!
    seems I get mine when my rib pain is acting up on me too.
    Sorry i could'nt be of more help here..
    not even gonna correct my mistakes...I'm too darn tired!
    Heading to bed.
  5. Cara-Sue

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    i have that kind of pain sometimes too.i am no dr but could this be pain becouse you are ovaluating?mind my spelling...;}.could be a fibroid(which i have)or maybe ibs?try to pay attention to when you have that could be hormonal.
    hope you feel better
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    I have had that one Plague me, all my life. It's due to the TrPs caused by muscle groups of the iliopsoas, it can also cause Pain to run down my leg.
    They have a cute name for the Main Trigger Point that causes me Pain and if I bend over at the waist, I get Nauseated right away. It's called "McBurney's Point"

    If your interested in the Trigger Points you might want to check out Devin Starlanyl website, just type her name into the search engine of your choice, and it'll bring up some links to her site. She also has a book(s) that I like, it's easy to understand, it has a long title, "Fibromyalgia & Chronic Mypfascial Pain Syndrome, A Survival Manual", and that sure helped me. She has some diagrams that show's you were the TrPs are.

    Growing up I was rushed to the Er so many times by this dang problem, only to have the Doctors tell my Mom we can't find anything. Times have changed tho, and we now know what was causing it, so everyone now know's I wasn't just Playing Sick, plus most of my Siblings now have the same Problem.

    I have IBS, GERD, and that can aggarvate the whole Combo of FMS/CMP. Hope that was of help to you, good luck

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  7. sunnysideliving

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    Hello Morgana,

    It is not easy to tell if we all have the common syndrome (in this case I mean this kind of pain) or different syndromes are just so similar.
    However, I had a stich type pain in my left side and made me crazy during bedtime. My GP said it is probably a mild bacterial infection in the top of the (urinary)bladder. Since, it could not be the ovary in my case. ;)

    After a few months it went away. However, I had to take some pain reducer when it was bad.

    Hope your pain will come to an end soon!

  8. Silverwell

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    I have had this same thing, off an on, for years and have seen my doc, my OB and two gastroenterologists, but no-one seems to have a clue. I also have very sore, tender ribs.

    Just recently, I found a great article on the web about Abdominal-Pelvic Pain - When to operate and when not to (by Dr.James Carter). There it tells you that this pain can be due to nerve entrapment in the rectus abdominus muscle and this can be caused by a number of different things, including fibromyalgia, rib tip syndrome etc. Since I have been diagnosed as having spine and rib misalignment, I can see how the intermittent pain in my abdomen could be related to this since the nerves from the spine and ribs run into the abdominal muscles. This is similar to the trigger point information that other people have posted. I can put my finger on one sore spot and, after pressing on it, it stays sore for a long time. I have had this for about 18 years, but it comes and goes, and now I just want to get rid of it!