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    I am 21 and have read that your appetite fluctuates when you have CFS...or it is more common with young people. Sometimes I go several weeks without eating much because food doesn't seem appetizing. At some point in the day, I will feel faint, so I will force myself to eat something, but its n ot a lot and I'm just feeling icky with an upset stomach most of the time. People have told me they have noticed a marked weight this common? Anyone else dealing with this?
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    because of the nausea you describe. He was tested for food allergies, and came up allergic to beef, dairy, corn and baker's yeast. He's only 18 and tried to start college this fall, but got a stomach virus. He was sick a week on top of his CFS, so we decided to have him wait and start in Jan. You are lucky that you have been able to get through school...give yourself extra time if you need it. I think stress is also a trigger for the CFS. He's tested high for mercury in his system, so we're having all of his amalgams replaced this month. Hope that helps. It's hard because he doesn't look that sick, except for the thinness. I'm sure the teachers thought he was just lazy...

    Take care of yourself! Terri
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    There are variances in how cfiders respond to appetite,some appetites get racheted up and others go in the opposite direction like yours but it seems that they do not remain as they were before the illness hit.I wish I had more helpfull words for you than this because I feel impotent to truely be of any help.If weight loss is a concern then if it is at all possible eat as late as you possibly can in the evening.Hopefully someone will reply with words that can guide you in aiding your dillema.God bless.