Apple Pectin Excellent Stool Softener & Laxative

Discussion in 'Digestion' started by hangininthere, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. hangininthere

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    After a lifetime of severe constipation due to sluggish bowels - and NOTHING helping - I in recent months happened upon apple pectin capsules.

    Works like magic for me every time. I'm amazed.

    Another good tip:

    With your fingertips, press or poke all around your abdominal area clock-wise.

    I do this about four circles, and it really helps get things moving.

    I need both the apple pectin for a stool softener, and the poking abdomen - if I don't do both, the waste just sits there inside me even though it's softened by the apple pectin - very sluggish bowels, just about non-working.

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  2. joanierav

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    i will definately try this patti, thanks for the info. where can i buy these capsules, markets, or health food stores? nothing has helped me either. thanks again. joanie
  3. hangininthere

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    Hi Joanie.

    I buy the Vitacost brand online - it's half the price of anywhere else.

    I googled for stores that sell it, and it's not in any stores I knew of to check, drat. It's only on their online stores, at twice the price.

    If customers knew about it, they'd stock it in stores because it would be flying off the shelves.

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  4. candyswift

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    Hi. Thanks a lot for your information. I may try the product you recommend. :)