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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jenunsa, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. jenunsa

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    Has anyone had experience with getting turned down for FMS disability but approved for something else like CFS or migraines or anxiety disorder or a sleep disorder, etc. ?

    I'm trying to figure out the best way for me to apply for disability. Some of the stories I hear about it taking several years to get approved just make me want to cry and give up before I've even started. I've procrastinated long enough.

    Is it best to apply on line or by phone or in person?

    Any info is appreciated.
  2. kac1960

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    Jen I have applied and been turned down twice for disability, which I was not too surprised about , in my area most lawyers wont take you unless you've been turned down once and some 2 times , I do have a very good lawyer now, we are using my fm along with , degenerative disc, buldging disc and my depression .
    When first applying I did it on line it was so easy all the info you need would be all most impossible to take the ss office, I could look things up, stop with the app. and go back later, actually I was one of the first around here to use it and ss office was so glad that I did, I think it made it alot easier. Hope this info has helped some and good luck on winning your case.
  3. Rose_Red

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    Write down every single diagnosis that your medical records will suppport. Answer the questions with your absolute worst days in mind.

    Expect it to take way too long. Don't be dissapointed if you're denied twice - expect it.

    Good luck
  4. PepperGirl52

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    Expect to get turned down the first time. Before I even filed, I spoke with an SSD attorney, and he said I was a 'slam dunk' case. Meaning, I'd never need him.

    That was before I even knew I had fibro-just the fact that I was 52 and had hardware in my spine from 2 fusions, gave him enough to feel I would win the first time.

    He was very wrong! I have since hired him (always a good idea to have a lawyer standing by), and we have been turned down twice now. I am waiting for a hearing before the judge.

    The biggest thing I can tell you is to be ruthless with your docs about documentation! I spent 5 months seeing a freaking psychologist who didn't even bother to document that I had depression!! She totally screwed me over when it came to the second hearing! The SSD papers came back stating that they had no proof that I had either fibro or depression!! I was so angry I could have gone in her office and done some damage!

    But, I didn't. It's just now we are back to square one. I had to go to a different psychologist, who, BTW, is reading me ALL his notes before I even leave his office! Plus I have added a rheumatologist who has documented the fibro and is treating me specifically for it.

    It's all a hassle, and their game is to inimidate you into giving up and going back to work. Don't let them do that to you!! Good luck!! PG PS-I've been doing this for over a year now. I know people who've waited 2-3 years or longer.
  5. jenunsa

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    So, basically, what I'm gathering, is that it's best to apply for disability based on what has been best documented by doctors. Makes sense to me.
    My rheumy is treating me for the FMS, my neuro is treating me for the migraines and sleep disorder, and several doctors in the past have treated me for anxiety and depression, so I think I have a lot of documentation that I can get my hands on.

    Thanks to everyone who replied to my post.

    If anyone wants to add on more posts/advice, go right ahead!
    I need all the advice and encouragement I can get.
  6. puppyfreak

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    I recently [finally!] got approved for SDDI, retroactive almost 4 years. My diagnoses are FMS, Autoimmune Vasculitis with neuropathy in my feet and lower legs, depression [long-standing], degenerative disk disease, and Carpal Tunnel in both hands.
    What I think tipped the scales at the hearing was that the Carpal Tunnel has gotten worse so that I have to wear splints and my hands are numb and painful much of the time.
    With all the other diagnoses combined, they could have put me in a sit-down job [regardless of the back/hip/shoulder/neck/feet/leg pain!!!] but since my hands have become somewhat useless, they couldn't find even a sit-down job for me.
    So use ALL your illnesses and document how they get worse, respond [or don't] to meds, etc. over time. And keep track of your pain and fatigue [mid-day naps, not sleeping at night]. It all adds up to not being able to work to support yourself.