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  1. TKE

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    I'm applying for SSD based on FMS/MPS & DDD (disc disease). I also have thyroid disease(Graves/had RAI 1987). It's been 19 years now. Should I also include the Thyroid info as well? I had 3 Endo's for thyroid over the years & fired all of them. My MD currently treats me for Thyroid. One Endo left & moved to another state with no notice & took all his records with him. That was back in the 80's. The last Endo insisted I had Addison's Disease. I didn't. He told me I was depressed. Would his records help my case? I'm on no meds for depression, even tho I do suffer with it at times. I did take them for about 6 months, but couldn't handle the side effects.

    Also what do I do if some of my docs have moved away, retired or I just can't remember who treated me & when? One case I had gone to the ER & then had PT at the hospital for back problems. I can't even remember the year it was other than in the early to mid 80's! Back problems go all the way back to 1983 or 1984. Saw a Chiropractor most of the time. Do I include all of that info or just the most recent showing DDD?

    I worked part time from 1998 to 2003. That job was terminated. I worked a new job for 15 weeks this year, got left go in May. Am currently under going PT for back & MPS.

    I'm trying to put this all together the best I can. I'm just not sure how far back I need to go with the medical info. Was dx'd with Graves 1987, had RAI. Was dx'd by my MD in 1999 for Fibro. DDD in 2004 when I finally had a MRI done.

    My MD's office told me to just put their name down & let SS contact them for a copy of my records. She said they do it this way all the time.

    I have apt with SSA on Tuesday. I called a lawyer, but they don't want to help me until I get denied the first time.

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    Yes, most definitely put down EVERYTHING that you have been diagnosed with and any other problem that you have which contributes to the reasons why you can not work.
  3. Linn3

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    I have Graves Disease also, and I when I was approved for SSD on July 21st (Yea!! I was approved) the judge listed my graves disease along with fibromyalgia when making her determination. Good luck, I hope you win. Marsha
  4. TKE

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    >>you became disabled when you were unable to work a full time job. <<

    That would be in 1987 when they zapped my thyroid. I was so fatigued I slept allot, some days 20 hours!) & had very low energy for 3 plus years. I didn't work for 11.5 years after. I know they won't go back that far.

    >>it sounds like you won't have enough recent work credits to qualify for SSDI. but you would qualify for SSI as long as your income and assets are below $2000 a month (not including a house and a car). you can spend down your assets to meet the criteria. <<

    I do have enough credits, according to the SSA person who checked my info when I went to sign up 2 weeks ago. She gave me a packet to fill out & an apt for tomorrow. Huz makes too much for me to get SSI.

    >>SS will tell you which one you qualify for. <<

    They sure don't give you much info to go on from the start.

    >>the thing about listing all your docs and SS pulling the records is accurate. probably records from the last several years is sufficient. <<

    Hope so. My current MD has most of my info back to 1989 or 1990.


    >>Be as accurate as you can, list every disease and treatment. It would pay you to do research of the doctors that moved, every teeny bit of info can help your case. <<

    I'm gonna go to the Endo's office tomorrow & see if I can get a copy of my records for the doc who left a few years ago. He was in with another doc that's still there.

    >>The other important issue is how your illness has changed your life and daily living skills. <<

    From what I read on here most of us have no real life or close friends. I have my Huz :). We often decline invites due to my health/fatigue/etc. I hate it that the world is passing us by & I feel guilty that my Huz is being robbed because of this DD.

    >>Depression is a disease, nothing to be ashamed of and is another indicator of changes in your life.<<

    I'm depressed mainly due to the finances right now. So I doubt meds will help.

    >>SS won't pay you back pay for the last 19 years, if that's when you became disabled. maybe only the last couple of years or maybe the date that<<

    Figured that. Thing is I haven't worked a 40 hour a week job since the 80's. I think the date to go by is when I was dx'd with DDD in 2004 & see if they'll allow it. I'll find out more at my SS apt tomorrow.


  5. pj13

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    I live in Missouri, and did not have any problem getting an SSD lawyer. I've had others in my extended family that had to apply for SSD and they all said to get a lawyer right away in the beginning. I ABSOLUTELY think it was worth it! I checked with a few family members who were lawyers and they recommended several lawyers who specialized in disability cases, and the one I picked even had his paralegal help me fill out the forms!(What a Godsend)!
    My doctor listed fibro and CFS, asthma, chronic bronchitis, frequent bouts of pneumonia, osteoarthritis, DDD, and migraines to support my disability. Despite all of this,I was initially denied. If that happens to you, God forbid, you have to file a petiton within a ?month? for a court appeal hearing. My lawyer sent the appeal papers to me for my approval/signature and return to him, which he forwarded back to SSD well within the time frame.
    I agree that you should have your doctor list every disease you have, but I have read that disability does not even recognize fibromyalgia as an approved category.I have heard that now they are starting to recognize it(fibro)if it is coded as a neurological disorder. Good news is I know they do recognize CFS. Of course I would put both down but list CFS first, and then, of course your other diseases.
    To determine disability date, I'm not sure if SSD goes back to when you last worked full-time. I was working part time and only got approval for part of my current (part time) salary. The SSD determined my disability date from the day my doctor stated that I became disabled (in 2003). Was diagnosed with Fibro & CFS in 1995 but was still able to work.
    Good luck and hang in there - it took 3 years between my initial denial and my 1st and ONLY court hearing (where I was appoved in less than 10 minutes),but definitely worth it.
    Don't know where you live, but Mo. was so backed up, that they brought in SSD lawyers from New Jersey and 6 mo later from Portland Maine when I received my date for court hearing and finally approval.
    Don't give up, pj
  6. borntired

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    It sounds like you have a good case. You must get all your medical records together.

    Let me advise you of this: check out Social Security Advocates. Many of these people worked for SS but are not lawyers. I had an Advocate and I believe I won because of her. The lawyers I had signed up with initially were incompetent and uncaring. They spent no time with me and gave me no idea of what to expect at a hearing....INTERVIEW these people. Make sure they have a good track record.

    Good luck


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