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    Your case sounds so much like mine. I had a back surgery that was much longer than the one that left me in this terrible pain and I had no bad effects at all.Now I`m wondering if I can check back to the type of anethesia I had that time and compare. It`s too late to change things now but knowing what happened would be a little peace of mind----maybe?
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    Hi Clueless,
    Just saw your message. Go to google and type in
    fms and anesthesia. The fourth site that shows up
    has lots of info on this very topic.

    I ordered and paid $10 to get copies of my entire
    hospital report on the surgery. Guess what? It
    did not include the anesthesia used! I called the
    dr's office and the nurse looked it up on the computer for me and told me what it was. She must have
    thought I was crazy for wanting to know this information!
    I probably asked within a year of the surgery. Don't know how far back yours goes.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for the info to check out on google.This has really been on my mind and am going to see what I can find out. It reacted so badly in my throat and has left it hard for me to swallow even water that it seems like it was an allerigic reaction. The surgeon told me they no longer use a tube in your throat so it almost HAD to be the anasthetic used.Will let you know how I make out.