Appointment for a neuro consult, what should I expect?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jaltair, Oct 26, 2005.

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    Hi Mable, Sue, hangininthere and all! Just an update and question . .

    I'm back from our "escape" to the UT home. We did have a really nice time in our "real" house! The only problem is that I slept quite a bit while away and really felt like I'd been beaten (like I was sore all over from lactic acid - it's how you feel when you've really worked out . . only, I didn't work out) Sometimes I feel as though I'm sleeping my life away, I know some can relate to that. I slept most of the trip there and back while my husband drives. So ..... I did get a lot of rest. This flare has continued now for weeks.

    Yea, hangininthere, the space or lack thereof is getting to both of us. We keep taking things to the home in UT to make more room, but then it fills up again.

    Actually, I have felt better and sleep wonderfully in the trailer.

    When we started living in our 28-foot trailer, we were going every other weekend to UT. Now, we get there about once a month. This last time it had been 6 weeks since we'd been there. The every other weekend went with the higher gas prices! Now, we are in our trailer almost every weekend with escape less often. That's why it's kinda getting to us. However, we are staying focused on the goal! Less than 18 months (I hope) if all goals are met!

    Yes hangininthere, since there's no room to really cook, we both have been eating better because we are forced to eat more fresh foods, etc. Even at lunch, we are eating salads now. My husband has really lost weight. I seem stymied at loosing weight and am not sure if it's this DD or my medications, or just being so inactive. Probably because of all of it. I just get so disgusted with ME!!!! I actually hate looking in the mirror or even dressing up at all. Just want to wear my jeans or uniforms.

    Also, I have an appointment for a neuro consult at Stanford Medical Center January 24, 2006. I guess I'll just talk with the doctor and be examined. I'm not really sure what will be going on. My doctor just told me that since the sleep study was ok that she wanted me to have the consult. Has anyone ever had a neuro consult for fatigue? If so, what should I expect? I have carpal tunnel in both wrists and have had surgery recommended, that was by a neuro doctor in Bakersfield. I also have degenerative changes / moderate to severe osteoarthritis in the upper spine with "spurs" poking into the 4th and 5th vertebra.

    I think my biggest fear is that the problems with the fatigue, forgetting things (the "fog"), inability to concentrate, etc., etc. will be evaluated as dementia or something. What I'm hoping is that a MRI will be recommended and possibly more workup as far as the upper spine.

    The Cymbalta has helped me with the migraines, but I wonder if those might be related to my upper spine degenerative changes / arthritis.

    Anyone's help with the question regarding what to expect to what I should ask, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Also, prayers because I am afraid of all of this. How can we want answers and at the same time fear what the answers might be?

    Sorry for this rambling and long message, if you get through it, thank you. I just need a little venting and have a hard time with posting - so thought I'd do it all at once.

    L, Jeannette
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    Been there done that! ha ha
    The neuro will want a detailed history of all your symptoms/dd's/medications. Before my appt, I found it helpful to write down all this stuff cuz I know I get a "fibro freeze" and forget half the stuff when I was there! Hopefully all your med records have been copied and sent to him - that helps. If you have had any x'rays - bring those along. The actual "exam" is really nothing to fear. He/she will check your reflexes, strength, gait. From there, it'll be decided what tests are needed if any. You should ask as many questions or express your concerns freely. My first neuro consult turned out to be with a doc that didn't believe in FMS/CFS and basically brushed me off. I contacted my health insurance rep and told them NOT to make a payment to him! I was so angry! I quickly got another referall and that neuro doc was wonderful! I wish you the best and will look for an update after your appointment!
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    Thanks for the input about what to expect at the exam. I appreciate the support and help. I'll make that list 'cause I have that brain "freeze" as well! Can't believe it at times. Also have an unsteady gait, but wonder if it'll be picked up on such a short exam. Guess I'll need to get a copy of the neuro consult that found the carpal tunnel as well as report of the x-ray findings from my chiro and the hospital that show the abnormal c-4 and c-5 stuff. Better make a list of everything I need to get and take with me. I'm supposed to get a packet in the mail to fill out as well.

    To be honest, I really fear having an exam for dementia . . if it's even done! Counting backwards to forwards by three or something. That really does scare me!

    Again, thanks for the support, I really do appreciate it!

    Warmly, Jeannette

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