appointment on the 12th. WE are going to discuss "other fibro meds"

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    This next week I have a appointmetn to see my rehumy about putting me on " other fibro meds" to help reduce the pain. I have reduced some of my pain meds. and i am not ready to reduce any more of them quite yet.

    Doctor mentioned Cymblata, I have tried it and felt so much worse, sking crawling, wrose leg and bdoy pain, more stiffness in legs and more pain in legs. It was a bad enough reaction that I am not willing to try it again. I have tried lyricia and felt icky all over. felt like my skin was crawling and that some thing was wrong with me. NO susideial athoughts just a feelng htat all was not right with me and the world. i really don't want to tryt it again as i didn't feel that it did much of any thing.

    There have been so many different meds I have tried over the years and have had not the best reaction to any of them. I don't remember all the weird reactoins I had , I Just remember the strange feelings I had while trying them.
    I want to talk to him about relaxing exercies to help me to relax at night and try to relax my mind. I am going to look up some of these really work or just a hoax. I am so sick of this never ending painnot sleepiong at all, dooszed to much today. Now wide awake.
    I feel like I hbrusied , beaten and all around pain. I don't mean to be a complainer, it is just that this pain is different than I am used to having . I don't remember having bruises I have now. Three are three marks on my left arm. I don't remembr having strange tight strips of muscles in the back of my legs. I am just fallijng apart againl.
    I just want to sleeep now.

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