appointment update, what is this kind of test??

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    Well, i thought I would update everyone about the appointment yesterday and thank you so much for your thoughts yesterday. I do not have MS thank goodnes!! He feels that the migraines have caused the spots on my brain. However this Doctor feels that alot of my problem is due to my anxiety disorder. Okay, well, my Psychiatrist has said a million times if someone would treat the pain I have my anxiety level wouldn't be so high all the time. However this Doc thinks i should see a different shrink for a "second opinion". Grrrr.... He is one of the best around you all. He is board certified and is very well known. So, I declined. He said that my migraines are very severe and that I need to get them regulated, however, he doesn't treat them.

    Does anyone know what a Neuro psychological test is? That is what he would like me to go through, said it is something of a three hour test and is something with the cognative memory or something. But i said i would have to think about it due to it being a $700 test. He also said here's the kicker, you don't have Fibro, you have anxiety. Only have had two Rhuemo's say I have Fibro is all.... Fibro is just a sleep disorder that they treat and you are fine and functionable with with sleeping aids. It doesn't cause disability, nor does it progress. He said Fibro is very manageable and if you had fibro you wouldn't be having so many problems. BOY oh boy is he clue less or what. When he said this I thought of the board and all of you and how if we all had him in the room to speak our mind to him he would be in trouble.
    So, that was the long, tiring appointment that was a wate of my time.
    Take care and hope someone can help with explaining this test.
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    are kinda fun, I think. Most of what I remember are the memory test parts, though they also ask you things like who the president is, the date, etc. (Oops, guess those are memory, too!) It takes several hours to do. If you DO get the test, call the tester and talk to them about your problem; maybe you can't sit for that long, etc. Also, do you have any fatigue? (I have CFS.) I told the person that my mental faculties reduce with fatigue, so the last time we met both when I had energy and when I didn't.

    Who's the doc that says you don't have fibro, or is such an expert that they're sure it's cured by sleep? If it's your psychiatrist I'd say find another one. Or if he's willing to be educated, educate him! (I thought mine was educable, but I was WRONG.)

    If it's the doc you saw yesterday, either ignore him or get a second opinion....
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    Yes, constant pain does add to anxiety and depression. See a pain specialist to deal with your pain. Go to our library and read Dr. Cheney's article on Klonopin. Our brains are in a constant slight state of seizure which causes anxiety. It also causes insomnia, sensory overload, and muscle spasms like RLS.

    Since taking Klonopin after therapy didn't help with my anxiety, the anxiety and panic attacks have gone away. I am now getting 8 hrs. of quality sleep, and my sensory overload, muscle spasms, and tinnitus have greatly diminished. Klonopin also seems to help with pain.

    Love, Mikie
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    I appreciate your advice. I only went there to U of Iowa for a second opinion and trust me, he was nice but i wouldn't waste my time going back to him again. I wanted to bad to say you know why i am depressed and have anxiety, because of Doctors like you that "THINK" you know what we go through. But it was just one visit and of course just another thing to add to my darn medical file.
    I am leaving on vacation on Sunday for a week with my family and when I return I will be seeing my shrink to tell him all about this Bull of Doctor. I will then begin my search for a good pain specialist and if it takes ten years so be it. I have already spent three and a half looking for one. I am just so sick of these Doctors that feel they know so much more then the person who is going through it.
    Thanks again, I appreciate it.