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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by clueless, Jul 28, 2003.

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    I have just set up an appointment with Dr. David Bell. I had no idea I would be able to see him and only called to see if he could give me the name of a good doctor in the Buffalo, N.Y. area and was very surprised to find out I could see him.It is expensive, $675 and a $100 deposit to hold the appointment.It is a two and a half hour appt. We have two insurances so am hoping they will cover most of the expense but am not sure. I have heard of him and got the address from here but because of the expense would like some opinions from those of you who probably know about him. Have I made a good move in seeing him? The other specialist in N.Y.state is in N.Y. city which is impossible for me and I so much need to see a good doctor who knows the disease instead of just a pain specialist.I will be looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you!!
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    keep us posted on how you make out with Dr. Bell. I too have been considering seeing if I could see him. I live in the Watertown, NY area so it would be quite a drive for me and my insurance will not cover and out of area doc so I would be on my own for the payment. Being a single mom living on SSD, this would be quite a burden, but, if he "really" could help, it would be worth it. Let us know how you make out. Is he still in Lyndonville? (sp) Tulip
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    Please, please let me now how it goes! I have an appoitment set up with him, but insurance does not cover it and we are 18 hours drive from him. If it is worth it, we will make the trip...but I need to know if he helped you or otherwise. Good luck.
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    I saw Dr. Bell last November, and it was the best thing I ever did for myself. He is very thorough and understanding. He took a lot of time with me, and not only confirmed my CFS, but also diagnosed me with FM.

    Although he is a pediatrician, he is also a world renouned physician in the field of CFS. He wrote a consult for my physician. Basically we were doing everything possible except PAIN As a result of that visit, I am now getting the Ultram I need on a regular basis. And it does ease the pain so much! It makes the difference between having to lie all day on a heating pad, or be able to sit up and do my crotcheting. Although it does nothing for the fatigue or brain fog (I had to quit driving because of it).

    Anyway, my insurance paid for it. I had to get an out of plan referral from my primary care physician, but after that there was no problem. Whatever you do, make sure you get an appointment with him, and tell him that Denise from Horseheads said hello.

    Good luck!
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    Just was wondering if it was a long wait to get in. Please keep us posted on how you make out.

    Was also hoping others would post and let us know their experience with Dr. Bell.