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  1. IndigoSC

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    Hey, I finally got an appointment with an orthopedic and was wondering if anyone could give me any advice as to what to say to him and bring with me. Only problem is that I have to pay a $400 deposit before I can even be seen because I don't have any insurance. That seems a little expensive to me, but I guess if they can get rid of my pain it'll be worth any amount of money. I sure hope they take a credit card though, because I don't have $400 at the moment and will have to find another job to be able to pay for the visit. I just hope it is not like the pain clinic I went to about a year ago where they took my $285 and didn't do anything to help me and told me I was imagining the pain. I think if this doctor doesn't help, then I will completely give up. I can't afford many more $400 doctor appointments to be told I'm faking.
  2. IndigoSC

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    Well, it is mostly neck pain that is my biggest problem. I have fibro, but my neck has been hurting way worse than usual, and worse than anything else, for about 6 or 7 months now and I'm pretty much just getting fed up with the pain, as I cannot even turn my head anymore... I don't have insurance, and I guess that's why it costs so much, but there aren't any Rheumatologists around here that are accepting new patients.
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    with an ortho was not a great one. I went because of lower back pain and sciatica. He had a terrible bed side manner. He ordered an MRI. It showed that I had degenerative disc disease. He gave me a scrip for Vioxx (which was totally worthless), set me up for PT, and sent me on my merry way. He told me that surgery was the only thing left if it got worse.

    I have insurance. If I didn't, the MRI itself would have costed over $1000. I wouldn't have gone in the first place if I didn't have insurance.

    My advice to you, depending on the severity of your neck pain, is to try and find a nice chiropractor in a small town around where you live. They might be able to help, and would probably be more willing to work with you on payments. I have an excellent chiro who is worth his weight in gold. He helps me with anything he can (including my neck and shoulder pain and carpal tunnel)...

    Of course, if you've had an car accident or something very serious, you might just have to see an ortho.

    I wish you luck, hon.

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    Well, my neck pain actually started after a really bad car wreck that I had almost 2 years ago. I've not had an MRI or any kind of tests on my neck other than an x-ray which didn't show anything wrong. I've had the fibro since before the car accident, but didn't have the neck pain near this bad until the 6 or 7 months. Like I said, it's now gotten to where I cannot even turn my head. I really cannot afford the $400, but I'm desperate and don't know who else or what other kind of doctor to go to for this.
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    The best way, is when you call the office to make an appointment, ask to speak to the Dr's Nurse, tell her your coming in for a first time visit, and that you want to know if this Dr. is experienced with , FMS, CFs, or whatever condition you are seeking treatment for.

    I would see a Neruologist if you are having mostly Neck Pain, most Orthopedic Doctors don't deal with the Neck/Spinal problems.

    I have had surgery on the Neck, at the C-7, section, and now the area in the C4/5 is killing me, but I am not ready formore Surgery, not now at least. Took me a long time to recover and I was 10 years younger then, with the FMS/CMP just starting to Flare up.

    Good Luck to you,
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    Well, I might cancel the ortho appointment tomorrow, but ONLY if i can get an appointment with another doctor that knows about fibro (which is very hard to find around here) just because I have thought about it and really cannot afford the $400 just for one dr. visit. I really really really want some kind of pain relief, but hopefully I can find another Dr. that will at least do SOMEthing for me.
  7. Bambi

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    with that so called pain specialist! The doctor
    that takes care of my FM is a pain specialist
    and he IS a PAIN specialist. He completely believes in FM and says doctors who don't are
    plain ignorant with all the proof there is now.
    He always tells me that I have pain, he treats
    pain and that it would even be unethical for him not to treat my pain to the best of his ability.
    Have you tried to get Medicaid? I've never dealt
    with it but some friends have it and are getting
    decent treatment from pain specialists affiliated with Medicaid. Just a thought. I do agreee if money is the issue that you might try
    a Chiropracter first. I read somewhere not to let them do neck adjustments on FM patients but
    they also know how to do massage, and they can
    still adjust your shoulders and back. Good Luck!
    Hugs, Bambi
  8. Mikie

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    To determine whether these docs treat FMS/CFS. Even when they say they do, it is no guarantee that they are good docs. I saw one physiatrist who was horrible. I recently saw one who was great and really knows his stuff.

    An orthopod would not be my first choice of a doc. It's kind of a difficult situation because you don't know whether this is strictly from the accident, from the FMS or a combo. Since this has gotten worse after the accident, can't you file a claim under the car insurance? They paid 80 percent of my treatment, including PT, after my accidnt.

    Love, Mikie
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    Unfortunately I can't make any insurance claims from the accident because the accident was my own fault with no other vehicles involved. Also, I didn't have full coverage on the vehicle, only a minimum coverage. I don't qualify for medicaid either, since I don't have any children or dependents, but it sure would be nice if I did! It's hard not having any health insurance at all and having to self-pay for every dr. visit and all meds, etc. I cancelled my orthopedic appt and got an appt with a dr. who supposedly knows about fibro, but at least if he turns out to not be a great dr, it's a lot cheaper than the $400 orthopedic.
  10. lea

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    What did PT do for you? Did you have to do difficult excercises?
    thank you in advance
  11. JLH

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    If you go to an orthopedic dr., he won't be able to tell you anything about your neck without some x-rays, CT scan, or MRI, etc. This will cost you quite a bit.

    Personally, I wouldn't go to a chiropractor and let him crack my neck until I found out what was wrong with it--it might make it worse.

    Call your local welfare department and ask them if there are any free clinics in your local area that you could go to. Ask them what a person without insurance is supposed to do when they have a real medical problem that they need help with. My sister-in-law didn't qualify for any benefits, but needed surgery, and somehow the welfare dept. gave her a "temporary" medical card to cover her surgery.

    If there is a medical school close by, maybe they offer some type of clinic at free or reduced prices -- but you need to get some films of your neck and back before any doctor can make a diagnosis. So whatever type of doctor you end up going to, he will send you to the hospital for some type of film or scan. If this orthopedic is charging $400 for his first visit - to take your history, etc. - I would just go to an urgent care or ER and get the films done because it would probably cost that and some hospitals have to treat those who do not have the ability to pay.
  12. Mikie

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    The physical therapy for FMS is usually of the stretching and flexing kind to keep us strong and flexible. My exercises can be done lying in bed if necessary.

    Love, Mikie
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    hi i am a 43 yr old mom that has had cfids/fms. when i did not know what was wrong with me i had every bloold test known to man. all they came up with was ebsteinbar antibodie. anyway my problems with pain started as a child i fell on my coxie bone (tailbone) in the shower. after my first child at 34, i had a car accident at 35, the pain intesified. i was sent to 3 orthopedics over the next 6 years and i was covered, they only gave me musele relaxers and lots of pt. which in my opinion did not work. i also think a chiro would be the better choice for ya money. unless you need some type of surgery and ya wont know that without xrays. i think ortho's have a good scam going. the examinations are a joke.

    in my opion fms is a syndrome and there is no cure, pain meds sure do help, you best bet is to go to the emergerncy room and get pain meds and maybe find a doc that will keep giving you them. water therapy is the best pt in my opinion and a chiro.

    good luck in finding a good doctor, and when ya do apply for ssd, than you will be covered for most doctors and meds.

    i am also trying to put some of my symtoms in control, and am applying for ssd. i am getting all my records together now, if i was only told how bad this was going to get i would already be on it. but finding a doc who believes fms is really a dibilitating syndrom is hard work. i finally thru my own research know what i have. i just have to get my doctors to understand now. good luck really i know most of what ya going thru. anngee 59
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    I first saw my ortho 4 years ago. Thought my pain was from my FMS. From my MRI he found I had another condition called spondylolisthesis (I had a fracture of the vertabrae that slipped). He treated it conservatively for two years and also gave me vicodin (said that Vioxx was no good for this pain). After two years and a worsening of pain he did the surgery, found a cyst growing between the fracture that was severing the nerves and hadn't shown up on the MRI. I have been very pleased with the outcome and I would be in even more pain with this on top of my FMS. And who knows what damage the cyst would have caused if left alone to keep growing. I was happy to blame everything on FMS but my family pushed me into having the surgery and I'm very glad they did. I learned not to blame everything on FMS without checking things out first. My opinion: Be careful and at least check out the things that are bothering you alot to be sure they aren't something that could cause permanent damage.