Appt with the rheumatologist on Tuesday

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    Hi there,

    I'm nervous about this appointment. I got back from Florida a week ago last Tuesday and started with a cold that day. I took Airborn the whole week as I was still on vacation and thought nursing myself would help.

    By Monday I knew I was in trouble, so I called my PCP and went in to see her on Tuesday. I had double ear infection, sinus infection, and upper respiratory infection - but my asthma was in check. So she put me on an antibiotic.

    On Thursday night I almost drove to the emergency room because my asthma fell out of check and I couldn't breathe well. I held out until Friday morning and called the PCP again. Then she put me on Prednisone and a stronger strength of one of my inhalers. The Prednisone is a tapering dose - 10 mg. pills (6 the first day, tapering down to one pill by day 10).

    So, I feel like the prednisone has also helped my pain a bit. Not that I want to be sick but I'm nervous I'll go to the rheumatologist and he'll think this is all in my head.

    I think I might be irrational right now, but I'm so tired and sick that I can't think very clearly. I'm at the hacking cough stage where I feel like I'm going to cough until I vomit and it's giving me laryngitis.

    Just needed to complain I guess, sorry for the ramble.


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