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    Read John 20:19-23
    1) Why did Jesus need to tell the disciples, "Peace be with you!"? Is this the same as hello. Were they afraid of something. Is he giving them a long term message? Why would he say it twice?
    2) Was there some significance that Jesus breathed on them to receive the holy spirit?
    3) Do you feel physically different when you have received the Holy Spirit?

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    Hi Nancy,

    1. Jesus actually said "Peace be with you at least 2 other previous occasions.(once in John 14:27 and again in John 16:33) The best explaination for this can be found in MacArthur's note for John 14:27. He says
    "The word "peace" reflects the Hebrew word Shalom which became a greeting to His disciples after His ressurection. At the individual level this peace, unknown to the unsaved, secures composure in difficult trouble, it dissolves fear and rules in the hearts of God's people to maintain harmony. The greatest reality of this peace will be in the Messianic Kingdom." Jesus knew (of course)that His deciples would face persecution and death for His sake. He told them so on many different occasions. I think He was trying to encourage them. No matter what the world did to them, through Him they could still have lasting peace not based on circumstances. That is something the world promises, but it is a promise the world cannot keep. But Jesus can and does. He always keeps His promises. When Jesus repeats Himself, it is because it means He is saying something that He wants to be sure His disciples (and us) understand it. He wants to emphasize the importance of what He is saying. I've said it before, I'll say it again. Anytime Jesus repeats Himself, we had better pay attention.

    2. MacArthur makes a point that I think is important. He reminds us that the disciples did not actually receive the Holy Spirit at this time. That didn't occur until Pentecost which was 40 days away at this time. So this statement should be taken as a promise from Jesus to His disciples that the Holy Spirit would come. This too, was obviously meant to comfort and encourage His desciples for what they would face in the not too distant future. I think this passage ties together well with John 14:15-17

    3. I don't think you feel physically different after receiving the Holy Spirit.

    I have a feeling this is going to provoke another interesting discussion. There is so much unbiblical and false teachings about the Holy Spirit in the church today. It seems to me like people allow their experiences to interepret the Bible, rather than allowing the bible to interpret their experiences. This is another subject that I have researced in some depth and have struggled with. In a lot of ways, I'm still struggling with this. I find it frustrating trying to wade through all the junk and false teachings that it's hard to know what the bible actually teaches. It's confusing. There are so many conflicting opinions. It's hard to know whose right and whose wrong. I believe that the Holy Spirit resides in every beliver at the moment of salvation. But I'm not sure about the whole issue of tongues, a prayer language and so called "Second Blessing". I wish I could sort this out, and I've tried, but frankly, I've had to give up. It is just too frustrating. But I think we need to be extremely careful that we aren't exhibiting works of the flesh and then attributing it to the Holy Spirit. This is also a very divisive issue. Which is another reason why I've found it so frustrating. I believe some people limit the power and work of the Holy Spirit. But I also believe other people attritube unbiblical things to Him as well.

    Thanks for this study. It was a very thought-provoking one of me personally. I hope another good discussion comes out of this.

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    1. Jesus said Peace Be Still because they were hiding from the Jews and Scripture says they were afraid. When He showed up it was not in the physcial form they were used to you.
    2. I believe He said it twice because when we are anxious or afraid we usually don't hear something said to us the first time. It takes a couple or 3 times to connect. Also it is a long term message to remember that when we are afraid He comes and gives us peace.
    3. I think He was showing them and us that God moves in different ways.
    4. Not sure what you meant by the last question. But there are times when I feel God's Prescence and I feel such a peace and calm or I start to cry. Good study.
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    This is an interesting study and can be controversial depending on what each person has been taught and from what text. Thank you so much Lms for reminding us that yes if Jesus repeats himself we had better pay attention, because it is something he doesn't normally do, and we have seen him be very emphatic in other scriptures.

    Considering where he is in this scripture and the timing of his appearance I think he may be comforting the disciples and calming them. I can just imagine sitting in that room trying to hide from the Jews who just crucified Jesus and is looking for his followers to probably make an example out of them. They know he has risen from the dead, his body is gone and Mary and others have already seen him and then literally out of nowhere he pops into the room. I personally would have been freaking....LOL!! He would have had to tell me to calm down more than twice, mostly because I'm hard-headed and like Caffey was saying I probably didn't hear him the first time. Like Caffey said he was not in the physical form they were used to either.

    I can't remember but I think there is a scripture that tells us the door was locked and there was no knock on the door, yep...I'd be freaking....LOL!!

    I thought John 20:22 NIV version; and with that he breathed on them saying, "Receive the Holy Spirit." was interesting. Did they receive the holy spirit again on the day of pentecost? Isn't it interesting that both times the holy spirit was received it came from the mouth. Jesus breathed the first time and tongues of fire touched them the second time.

    I also have thoughts about speaking in tongues that others don't agree with. Acts 2:4 NIV says All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues, as the Spirit enabled them. The same chapter goes on to say that people from all nations were in Jerusalem at the time and they heard their own native language being spoken..."we hear them declaring the wonders of God in our own tongues!" The great commission was for the disciples and all believers to share the word of God throughout the world; how were they to do this if they did not speak the language of the lands they were sent to. God blessed them with the ability to speak the languages of the lands they were going to be sent. I personally don't think speaking in tongues is some random babbling. I saw people should read 1 Corinthians chapter 14 carefully and not read into it what they want it to say, as a lot do.

    The last church my son and I attended I thought about this chapter in the bible when during the praise and worship section the pastor got way into speaking in tongues and others followed suit and the next thing you know the whole church sounded like some weird kind of cult or something and I heard the door open behind me. I looked and saw two women standing there watching and listening, they looked at each other and left. I never saw them again. I got disgusted by the pastor's wife who came up to me and grabbed me by the shoulders and was trying to pray tongues out of me, saying I can tell it's in you and on the tip of your tongue, just let the spirit take over and open your mouth and let it out. I opened my mouth all right and said "No habla espanol" I knew she and her husband were only speaking Spanish because my son speaks Spanish and told me everything they were saying. One other time she was very ill and I wanted to pray with her and asked some of the other women to pray with me. Well we all met in a small classroom and started praying for her when they just took off praying in tongues and it really upset me because I couldn't pray in agreement when I did't know what they were saying. I never went back to that church.

    OK, I'll get off that subject!! Lms I agree with you that there are so many unbiblical and false tachings about the Holy Spirit in the church today. I don't think I've heard about "second blessing".

    I try not to put God in a box and think that he can only do certain things. I know his glory and power is far beyond what our minds can conceive so I too get very frustrated trying to figure out everything, especially when people attribute unbiblical things to Him as well.

    Thanks again Lms and Caffey for the thought-provoking comments and input.

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    I don't blame you for sticking with what you know and are comfortable with. I think God opens our eyes to his word as he feels we're ready for it. We grow in the Lord from Glory to Glory as one writer puts it. It's like growing up physically, we grow up spiritually as well. I also personally believe that we're not going to understand everything until we're standing with God face-to-face so no one needs to act high and mighty over anyone else. I've met people like you're talking about who act like because I don't speak in tongues I'm not as good as they are or as spiritual. I feel sad for their ignorance. I'm just as forgiven of my sins. I'm just as loved. I'm shown just as much grace. I don't feel less connected to God because I can only speak to him in English. He made everyone, every thing, every language, all, so nothing is higher to him than anything else. Why should it be to us??

    You hang in there and keep reading the word and asking God to give you understanding. I really love that he doesn't show favor to certain people, he loves us all.

    Take Care
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    That was wonderful, thanks so much. The one really good thing about this bible study that I hope anyone reading it learns is that every one can read the same passage and get totally different things out of it because God gives us the revelation we need at that time. I had not even thought about the fact that God breathed life into man in Genesis and that the breath could stand for a new life in us. That's fantastic!!!

    This is why it is so good to share. It's like when we read a scripture a 100 times and then on the 101st time it seems to take on a whole new meaning. It all depends on where you are in your walk with God at the time you read it.

    Thanks for sharing with us Willow77. I always look forward to hearing from you in the Bible Study.
    Take Care
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    LittleBlueStem, I really liked your #2. That's an interesting idea. Thanks for participating and adding your experiences and ideas. I had a very similar situation with someone praying for me in tongues one time and when she got to the point of praying for God to not send me to Hell because I didn't speak in tongues I stopped her and left the church and never went back to any church for almost 5 years. I was terrified, I just knew I was going to hell since I didn't have this magic gift.

    I still don't have it but thankfully a wonderful christian friend showed me what the truth was and helped me find the gift I did have. I can't remember if it was you or Hanging that has a servant spirit but that's mine also. I'm the first to jump to someone's aid, roll up my sleeves and help anywhere and stuff like that. I especially loved to clean house and still do, just takes me a LOT longer now.

    Hanginginthere- thanks to you also for participating in the study and giving us food for thought. I was a little confused by the breakup of the scriptures, but think I know where you're heading with it. It took me so long to read it all that I'm sure I missed something in the translation.....sorry! Anymore I have to print the long responses off and read them later but my printer is not working right now.

    I'm so glad both of you added so much to the study and I think it really helps that we can all learn from each other.

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    Well, this was an interesting study with a lot of really good discussion. I think it really helps all of us to grow in the spirit when we help each other learn the word of God.

    Thanks to all of you who participated in the study. You are all wonderful people of God and I believer it really brings him joy when we work together to learn more about him.

    Take Care and have a wonderful rest of the week.
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    She was speaking English then. She would go between Spanish, English and just making clicking sounds.