April 8....Easter Sunday....Bible Study

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    Good Morning! The sun is not up just yet,the dew is still on the ground. The birds are singing sharp and clear this morning, as if to someone special. It doesn't seem right for everything to be so normal, only 2 days ago they tortured, mocked and crucified our Lord. It was so horrible and heartbreaking to see, my heart is broken forever after witnessing such a sight. There was so much blood as they beat him. The sounds were sickening as they nailed him to that hard cold cross, so rough on his tortured and torn skin. The color of the wood had changed to red from all the blood he had shed. Did you feel the earth shake and see the sky turn black? My neighbor said she was at the temple and the wall looked as if a giant hand was tearing it like linen from top to bottom. My cousin said he saw tombs popping open. Several people fell faint and others starting tearing their clothes and putting ashes on their face and heads and were crying to the Lord. It was certainly a day none of us will ever forget...or want to. I must go now! Mary is here and we are going to the tomb this morning while no one is stirring yet. Would you like to come?

    Just as in my story above everyone may have seen things in different ways. Some experienced and saw one thing, some saw another. Read Matthew Chapter 28, Mark Chapter 16, Luke Chapter 24, John Chapter 20

    1) How many different versions of the empty tomb are there?
    2) If you could visualize what it would have been like to witness them crucifying the Lord, and then to be at the tomb on the 3rd day, how differently would you see things based on your emotion and feelings.
    4) There were things all four chapters had in common, what were they?

    Lord Jesus we thank you for the sacrifice you made for all who believe in you. We praise God that you rose again on that 3rd day so long ago and still rule and reign on the throne today. We thank you Lord for the Holy Spirit that you provided to live in the heart of each and every person who accepts you as their personal saviour and Lord. With the Holy Spirit in us, we are never truly alone and we are empowered with the victory that YOU won us at the cross. Lord Jesus help each and every person reading this prayer take hold of that victory and that spirit within them and live and love as you did so that your sacrifice was not in vain. Lord if there is anyone reading this prayer right now that has not accepted you as their saviour I ask that you touch their heart to ask you in right now. In ALL things we give thanks and praise, in Jesus Holy name AMEN!

    Have a wonderful and blessed Easter Sunday folks!
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    Wow. I loved your first person account of the resurrection. It helps put things in a different perspective. Which is always a good thing.

    1. There are 4 Gospels, so it is not surprising that there are 4 different accounts of the Resurrection story. No two people see an event the same way. You can discover different things from different people's perspectives. That is why I'm so glad God gave us 4 Gospel accounts instead of just one. They all tell the same basic story, but there are things unique to each Gospel.

    2. I usually try to watch the movie "The Passion Of The Christ" on Good Friday. It is such a graphic reminder of just how much our Lord suffered on our behalf. Every time I watch that movie, it makes me feel like a spectator in the crowd. Yes, it is bloody and violent, but that is how it actually happened. But I wish there was a similar movie about the Resurrection. I've heard that Mel Gibson says he has one in the works, but I don't know when it will be released. I find it interesting that Jesus retained the nail scars after the Resurrection. I can't wait for the day when I can kiss those scars and thank Him face to face. But saying thank you seems so inadequate considering the horrific price He paid. He knew no sin, and paid the penalty for my sin. Everything hinges on the Resurrection. If it is a lie, then our faith is a lie and we are all still in our sins. I wish I could have been there. But sometimes I wonder if I would have been one of the people who mocked Jesus and persisted in unbelief. Sometimes I think about all the times I have denied Christ the same way Peter did. Peter and I have much in common.

    3. The 4 accounts have several things in common. First, they all specificially mention Mary Magdalene. Second, they all mentioned the stone was already rolled away. And third and most important, all 4 Gospels state crystal clear that JESUS IS RISEN! They also all say that Jesus appeared to people after His resurrection. Sometimes it was a group of people (the disciples in the Upper Room and the crowd of 500) other times it was just individuals (Thomas, Peter, and Mary Magdalene) all saw the Risen Christ as individuals. None of us have ever seen Jesus with our own eyes. But we know in our hearts that He is alive and interceding in our behalf. We who truly know Him know that He has changed our hearts and our lives. The Holy Spirit within us bears witness to that. I long for the day when I will see Jesus face to face. I can't wait for that day. Pain and suffering here on Earth makes me long for Heaven that much more. There will come a time when faith will become sight and we will never be separated from Him ever again. Wow! Just thinking about that blows my mind.

    I got pretty off track in my thinking yesterday. I lost perspective and got more focused on myself than on Jesus. Thank you Nancy, for helping me put my perspective back where it belongs!


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    Thanks so much for sharing!

    I've seen Passion of the Christ also, but I just can't bring myself to see it again especially not today. I know that wouldn't make sense since the movie is about why we have today. I also would love to see a really good movie about the resurrection.

    Back home in NC we would get bus loads of people and take them to this church that put on an outdoor Easter drama every year. It was breathtaking and trying to describe it would not do it justice but lets just say, you felt like you were there. That was the best visual representation of the resurrection of Christ I've ever seen. It was always the conversation coming home how they made it all look so real and not like a drama. The sound affects and lighting were unbelievable. I wish they had something like that were I am now, I'd love to see it again.

    OK, that was off topic sorta! Sorry!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing, once again you have added so much and I appreciate so much what you bring to the study.

    I will write more later.
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    I haven't had a chance to do the study yet. But I have a couple of comments.
    1. Many years ago we were putting on a small town Easter play. Not flashy like they are today. The performance was for Sun night. We were rehersing Sat. night and the scene was Jesus being nailed to the cross. They had laid the cross on the ground and then started nailing Jesus to the cross. Whoever was hammering missed and hit Darren in the ankle. His ankle went out like a balloon. The tears and all of sudden the reality of the cross hit us. I will never forget that experience.
    2. We were talking a couple of years ago and were talking about that split second when you first see Jesus. I said I would be in a puddle of tears on the ground. It will be the most wonderful sight. I can hardly wait to see Him.

    Will try and get to the Study over the next few days. Thanks for posting it for us.
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    Thanks again for all the great responses. I can only imagine that it was heart-breaking and terrifying to be there when they were crucifying our Lord.

    I'm so glad that we have four different accounts of the events of that time. We get the benefit of reading different accounts of what happened depending on several things: where the person was during the time, what was going on around them that would influence what they saw, what they felt was important to recall. It's similar to now, if four of us saw a traffic accident. What we saw would depend on where we were in relation to the accident and we all may see something completely different and yet it was the same accident. I'm not sure I'm saying this right so I hope you get the idea.

    It's also the same point when it came to who saw Jesus after the resurrection, how they saw him, what they were doing and where they were. That point used to give me hope that Jesus meets us where we are, whether it's on the road to Damascus, or just sitting at home.

    Well,once again, thanks to your responses I learned a lot. I really like reading the responses and thinking about what you have to say, different perspectives opens up so much more information.

    Thanks again and check back on Sunday for the next study.