April Fools Day again!

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    I guess what worked well last year, at the local hospital, was to switch into a glove box marked "large", a bunch of small rubber gloves. Usuallly takes about three tries for victim to figure it out.

    If you can afford it, or find it, a good one is to switch someone's favorite clothes, or shoes, to a size that is two sizes smaller. lol

    Cheers, your mr Bill

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    Were you the perpetrator of this foul deed? How many patients died as a result? Was a video
    made and sent to America's Funniest Home Videos?

    I've never really encountered any pranksters who exerted much effort beyond, "Your shoe's
    untied" or leaving a fake phone message: The pound called. Your date is ready.

    I wonder how it would work if we replaced Fool's day with Satire Day.

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    Our local country radio station the ,,106.3 The Bear,,,which everyone loves and listens to everyday,,,,,announced this am that they had teamed up with Budweiser Beer and now that the station would be called,,, 106.3 the Beer,,,Everyone was callin' in and saying What?? we are not going to listen any more!,,it's not family friendly or kid oreinted anymore!,,,,,,,

    They even had the regular announcers promoting it ,,so it sounded legit!,,,until the regular guy that announces everyday ,,,said ,,"April Fools" omg what a relief! ,,,,,this is the best april fools joke i've heard in a long time!,,,S