Archived CFSAC videos up for viewing now...........................

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    for those who missed the CFSAC presentation, it's now up:

    (see right-sided links)

    Alternately, to watch it in 10-minute snippets, go to Youtube to Luminescentfeeling's site:

    (right-sided column videos)
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    they got it them archived pretty quickly
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    Please understand that Wanda Jones was enforcing a law. That is her job. If she suddenly set aside the law on how the meeting is to be done, then the person who was bumped might cause a raucous. If you watch CSpan, you will see that all the government meetings proceed by allotting time to speak. In the CFSAC meeting, the chairman overrode Jones' enforcement. Maybe he took it off the time for committee discussion. I agree that they wasted the time discussing it. But it is not unusual to see that in government meetings. Even our local City Council allows only certain time limits for public comment in a public hearing. They have a timer.

    I thought Mrs. Whittemore was very gracious. You see she didn't feel offended. She knows the way things work.

    Watch CSpan sometime.

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    B for another week

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