Are all green food supplements the same?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TwinMa, Mar 24, 2006.

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    I am currently using Ultimate Greens from the PH store. This is the only green food supplement I have ever used.

    I have heard of others, such as Miracle Greens, Green Magma, and Sea Vegg. Is it mainly the chlorella and spirulina that you are comparing? I know there are lots of other ingredients as well.

    Ultimate Greens seems to be cheaper than others and I'm wondering why. Is it just a better deal, or doesn't it have as much "good stuff" in it?

    Is there a big difference between the various green foods?

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    Any other thoughts?
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    The green superfoods are called that for a good reason:

    They are power-packed with nutritious ingredients that can help restore, rejuvenate, and delay or reverse the aging process.

    But the "miracle" foods moniker is best left to the marketing folks.

    I've tried a variety of greens products and brands. It pays to read the labels and check out the companies (and watch out: some greens may actually made by a small number of wholesale manufacturers and redistributed under different labels).

    Generally it boils down to-- you get the quality you're willing to pay for.

    The best greens are minimally processed and use low- heat-processing (to leave valuable nutrients and enzymes intact).

    Besides young green barley grass (well-known quality brands are "Green Magma" and "Kyo-Green", another fine choice is young wheat grass ("Pines" is a good brand). Alfalfa powders and tablets have always been a standby as well.

    Marine treasures include spirulina, a blue green micro algae, klamath freshwater algae, kelps, and last but not least broken-cell-wall chlorella.

    Chlorella is known to be a powerful neurotoxin chelator (it latches on to toxins and escorts them out of the body).

    The industry is always coming out with new formulas and products. Many include antioxidant-rich natural extracts like berries and vegetables.

    Don't add hot liquids to your expensive low-heat treated greens products-- high temperatures will deactivate the valuable enzymes.

    Here's to a longer and healthier life.
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  5. TwinMa

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    What a terrific explanation of green foods!! Lots of info I didn't know. Thank you so much!!

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