Are Any Lyme Patients Getting Well Or Improving ?

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    It would be so helpful to hear how others are responding to treatment for Lyme disease . Please share your results and the details of treatment you are receiving for lyme disease . Thanks for sharing!!!

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    Many of the Lyme patients have moved on or have been banned. There is a recent posting at lymenet about success stories and what they are taking.

    Best of health to you!

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    Why have "many of the Lyme patients been banned"?

    Just curious,

    Bunchy x

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    and why would lyme patients be banned ?
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    I get my test results back on the 27th.

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    I know why they were banned and why others have decided to move on as I have discussed it with them on other boards. But I agree with Stormyskye that its not worth dragging it all out and discussing in a public forum.


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    I was progressing with treatment nicely until I broke out in a rash. I stopped all abx, and will start them again soon (whithin a week).

    My dh also has lyme - he has been being treated since Oct. and just switched to a different combination to stir things up a bit more. He is progressing according to "schedule", which will take about 2 yrs.

    My daughter also has it and was diagnosed before we were. She was also much worse. She had not been able to work (a teacher) or drive for over a year because of cramping, spasms, nystagmus...She recently started driving again is working 2 hrs. a week at a health food coop. Her treatment plan will be a little longer, I believe.

    It's a tough road to be on, especially for me as I am on and off treatment often for various reasons and have a hard time coming up with the right combo, but I am confident tht things will improve. I am still working 28 hrs a week, and my dh owns his own business and must work all the time. He does have to quit early some days and is totally wiped out when he gets home.
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    Hi annxyz,
    I started treatment in Dec. at FFC. I have to say, if I am getting WELL, I am not feeling it...YET. I read recently that the treament for lyme is a marathon, not a sprint. I have to agree, and thinking of it in this way helps me to face each day, and envision myself winning the marathon.

    I do believe that my FFC doctor is doing a great job. Although she is not LLMD (yet), she is up to date on all of the studies and noteworthy doctors' protocols.

    The protocol I'm on:

    Oral Azithromycin, 500 mg. 1x/day (I could not tolerate doxycyclin, which was more preferred)
    Boluoke (lumbrokinase)
    supportive supplements (immune support, brain function, etc.)

    Have been feeling overall worse, and had some difficult plunging depression issues. Now, I'm pulsing 3 weeks on, 1 week off the protocol. This is helping moderate the herx. Also, the burbur is helping with that. I also just ordered some SAM-e, which my Dr. recommended for the episodic depression.

    I have to remind myself that "all things must pass", and that there will be a light shining very soon.

    Take care everyone,
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    Thanks so MUCH for Sharing !! Let's keep this bumped for other progress reports . This is sooo helpful !
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