Are any men out there with CFIDS diagnosis?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by monom, Dec 26, 2002.

  1. monom

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    I like to talk with them,ask them questions how they are doing.I think I am very tired and do not want to give up.This DD is very strong I can not fight it any more it is too too strong for me.With a Master degree level and used to be professional soccer player,I can not think clearly and physically very weak.

    Thank you as usual


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  2. woppini

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    Hi, i hear and feel your pain. Its a very powerful DD, and its something you shouldnt fight,nor give in. If you fight it, you will lose. You cant underestimate the wisdom of your body. IT WILL always win. Try looking at it another approach. I know its difficult, but the symptoms are your body's way of communicating with the illness, and fighting it. If you push and push, the body now has that to keep up with too. But then again, dont give into it. Do the best you can, and praise yourself for it.
    I, like nearly everyone here have banged our heads to the wall insearch of answers, relief, dignity, etc. Keep up the good work your doing. You are stronger than you realize. Keep in touch....
  3. tomf

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    I became ill suddenly in Nov 98 after excercising. Ive been getting slightly better every year but I am still unable to work. I have had most of my improvement mentally. Physically my muscles are still very weak.

  4. Phoenixbard

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    I was dx'd with CFIDS a little over a year ago. I was pretty sick when I was dx'd then got a little better up until I got pneumonia several months ago. This time the antibiotics didn't work and I was given steroids.

    Since then my fatigue is really bad, the cognitive problems come and go, but I have a lot of difficulty walking. I'm thinking about geting a cane, but my employer does not deal with illnesses very well. I am afraid they are going to try and get rid of me.

    The only treatments that I am on is Amitrityline and Neurontin. And I exercise very modestly.

    Hope this helps!!! If you have any specific questions ask away, either post here or e-mail me. Phoenix
  5. Mikie

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    A lot of people diagnosed with FMS also have CFS. I have both and believe me, the CFS is worse than the FMS for me. The good news is that I am improving but it is slow and it takes a lot of work.

    Keep coming here and use our library to learn all you can about your illness. Dr. Cheney has some articles in the library. He is one of the foremost experts on CFS and its treatments.

    Don't ever give up no matter how bad you feel. I was bedridden a good part of the time two years ago. All my treatments were things I heard about at this board. The people here are the most caring and generous you will find anywhere.

    Love, Mikie
  6. ZosoLight

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    I know it's so hard just to get through the day with the debilitating fatigue, headaches, pain, etc. etc.

    Don't push yourself, it will only get worse.

    Read all you can on this site and others and try different things as you let your body slowly slowyly try to heal.

    Stay away from red meat, only eating fish on occasion, lots of fresh veggies-- I bought a juicer--- purified water, walking outside when you can, no refined or fried food. Take acidophilus (yogurt's good bacteria) supplement. Stay away from all stress. Breathe.

    Take care,