Are any of you school teachers or were teachers?

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  1. tazzycat

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    I was wondering are any of my new friends out there teachers OR were teaching and cannot handle the mult tasking all day? Also do noises bother any of you? It seems like there is something shoots up my spine whenever I hear loud noises. I also get tensed up whenever I come around a corner of the room and someone is there, don't know if that's vision or central nervous system or some other strange reflex.
  2. TaniaF

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    I was an early childhood teacher and in my 30's was always getting sick. My doctor called it an "occupational hazzard."
    I think this was the beginning of my CFS/FM. I'm 50 now and still have this DD. Yes, noises and lights drive me crazy.
  3. michaele

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    I am a school speech therapist. Now I don't work. However, the noises, lights, and pace wore me out. I felt like I'd been through the ringer by the time I left (and before!) All that is too much for me and I found my pain and fatigue interfering with my job so much that I couldn't do it anymore. Awaiting diability. I pray I get it bec. I was the main breadwinner. We've had major financial problems since I quit. Since I was my own business and contracted with districts the last 5 years, I had no benefits from the school(s). Bummer-----I used to work for districts full time, but found contracting more lucrative and flexible. So, I DON'T know how teachers or any school personnel do it, esp. if they have kids at home (i have 4). The noise never stops!
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    I was a teacher and loved my job.I know if I was working right now I think the noise would have bothered me.I need a peaceful environment myself.I have not worked in twelve years. Lana56
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    I was a teacher for over 40 years. Your description fits me to a "T". But, as I was a strict teacher and taught older students most of the time, my room was quiet. During the times when activities required talking or moving around, even thogugh the kids were really good, it absolutely drove me crazy! Then there were the years that I shared a contract and my teaching partner, good teacher though she was, had a totally different style and was a very energetic person. It took me a day to calm the kids down , and then she would visit the classroom, and they would come all unglued again. I admit, I lost my cool a couple of times. I finally had to take early retirement. I was able to ease into it by a leave of absence, then Cobra , then just me. Good luck to you. I will tell you what , even though I loved my job, now, when I pass a school, or school starts in September, I feel so free. I subbed for a while but now can't do that, either. I am finally enjoying my retirement without guilt. It took a while. God bless you. Terry
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    Yes, I taught early childhood education for ten years and could no longer do so because of the TMJ and the FM. Between the talking and the pain and the noise and the fatigue, well, all of it ... it was just too much. I keep getting turned down for SS. They agree I can no longer teach but think there must be something I can do. But I cannot talk long, sit long, stand long, lay down long, do much of anything too long ... what the heck can I do. And then when I have a few good hours I feel like crud the next few hours because I take advantage of those good hours and wear myself out. This is such a vicious illness. Uugh!!! I need to hire a lawyer.