Are 'autoimmune' disorders for life or can they be reversed/ cured? rop

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shelbo, Jul 8, 2009.

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    I can't seem to find an answer to this on the net...

    Thanks, Shelbo :)
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    I have celiac and vitiligo and neither has any type of cure. The celiac is "controlled" by a life-long gluten free diet and the vitiligo will do whatever it wants. I've been fortunate that so far only my hands have been affected.

    It's my guess that FM will one day be classified as autoimmune but that's my own personal opinion.

    Fortunately there are effective treatments for some disorders, such as RA. Of course, not everyone will respond to the medications successfully, much like those of us here on the board trying different treatments for our FM/CFS.

    Aw Well - Maybe one day,

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    I've been looking into Vitamin D deficiency lately. The only thing that has ever helped me in about twenty years of this disease is Shitake, it's a Japanese mushroom. Shitake has the highest concentration of Vitamin D in the world, something I never really knew before. All I knew was that Shitake was a natural immune modulator and it helped me. So the question is, how deficient am I? All I know is, when I take Shitake, I'm alot better. My brain becomes clearer, I have more stamina. So, something is going on.

    I'm not sure autoimmune can ever be cured, but I believe it can be reversed with the right substance. And I think the Whitmore Peterson clinic's claim of being able to reverse this using immune modulators and cancer drugs is probably on the right track.
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    My thoughts would be that the reason celiac is being diagnosed much more often now is because the medical professionals are finally running the proper test for it. It's hardly a new disease and most patients are told they have IBS so the Dr. can give them the bum rush out of their office. This results with patients leaving the office with no solution for their pain and demoralization.

    The specialists I've seen have recommened that my children and grandchildren be tested for their own safety. They believe there is a genetic factor involved.

    In addition, I had been taking probiotics for several years before receiving my dx. It wasn't helping at all. I have also been tested for vit. D levels and they fell within the normal range each time.

    It troubles me when someone pho-pho's my symptoms. I've lived with that attitude for more than 30 years because of my FM.

    If there truly is a cure for celiac I'd be first in line to receive it. So far, nothing.

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    i always wondered this too - once an autoimmune disease starts, even if it is triggered by a pathogen, can treating that pathogen reverse the autoimmmune process?

    i have heard anecdotal evidence of people with reiter's syndrome or MS improving with some sort of antbiotic protocol...but i am still skeptical as to what this exactly means.

    there was one valtex/MS study that showed a tend towards less relapses. same with an cidofovir/MS study.

    perhaps the problem with the trials are that they are always 6 months and need to be more like 6 years!

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