Are CFS and CFIDS Different?

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  1. roro

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    Or are they just different names for the same thing?
  2. roro

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    Or are they just different names for the same thing?
  3. klutzo

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    The way I understand it, lots of folks were upset with the trivial sounding name CFS, and wanted something that sounded more like a real illness, instead of something that anyone could have if they worked too hard for several days in a row. They wanted to emphasize that the immune system is not normal and that it's not just fatigue, so they came up with CFIDS (pron. SEE-FIDS). I wish it had caught on, since it's a lot more accurate, but most "experts' still refer to CFS.
  4. xanderlee

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    cfs is the uk term for it, cfids is the usa term, and they all meant the same as ME...took me weeks of research to come to that conclusion, and the powers that be are trying to get a universal name...much hindered by medical bodies who cant agree on anything re cfs/cfids...hope this helps
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    In the UK first only ME was used. In the US CFS was introduced. This has slowly (very recently) been taken over in the UK. In the meantime in the US CFIDS was coined to supercede CFS. The "ID" in CFIDS stands for immune deficiency. This is something that can be tested (lymphocytes, etc.). The previous criteria for CFS were of the kind that cannot be tested except by elimination. In principle, someone can satisfy the criteria for CFS without testing immune deficient. But I don't know whether that ever happens. Do you CF(ID)S-ers and ME-ers all have immune deficiency, i.e. lymphocytopenia or something of that sort?
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