Are Doc's dumping anyone else?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ckzim, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. ckzim

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    This is my very first post, and I am hoping someone can relate. Diagnois in "98" but know I've had FM since "88"
    I also have deterating disc diease, which lead to neck surgery, and also shoulder replacment. (Another whole story) My first MD, did pretty good at keeping pain at about a 8, but after 3 years, dumped me. Said he wasn't comfortable anymore handling my meds. I went to a Rhemumy, after signing "Drug Contract" kept me out of the pain, I wasn't comfortable with all the narcotics he had me on. Neither was he, Morphine patch, Vicoidan, etc..etc..
    Dead end there,I found another MD, and have been with him for 3 years. PROBLEM...he now is dumping me. I'm really distraught over this. I'm on the lowest med's I've been on ever. Ultram, and Vicodan twice a week. He will only give me 30 tabs per 3 monthes. When I told him, I wanted to look at other regiments, and brought him in a list of what others are trying, he immediatley said, I am setting you up with a Rheumy! This is very upsetting, as once again, starting over,from the beginning, of what I have tried, what my symtoms are, just the whole nine yards! Depression is hitting big time! Which we all know makes the pain level go up. What I want to know, is if anyone else is having this long term problem with doctors dumping them?
    I'm frighten to share anything with this new Dr. It's almost like they don't like the fact I stay on top of new ways to treat Fibro. Maybe my approach is wrong? Should I be less aggressive? I really appreciate that this site is here,as I have went from full active life to nothingness.
    Thanks for being here.
  2. ckzim

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    For replying to me, I was really starting to let my mind get the best of me, to know, that I'm not alone sometimes is the half of beating this stuff,
    Your right on about reporting these Dr's, It's a start, and hopefully in the future, others won't have to go through these things.
  3. elsa

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    You are not alone. It has happened to many here.

    What you need to do .... Call last doctor's office who dumped you and ask to speak with the office manager. Tell them that you understand that the doc is no longer interested in treating you.

    Tell them you will need, in writing, that this doctor, this office manager and this clinic are no longer willing to treat you as a patient and the reason why. You need it dated and signed by both parties.

    While they are getting this together, tell them to also be copying your medical records ... all of them ... State that you understand there may be a fee involved for copying them and you are happy to pay it ... but remind office manager to keep this fee within reason. A $30.00 fee for something that belongs to you and have already paid for is not reasonable.

    Give them an "X by Y" .... meaning you give them a closed ended date to get this together. IE, "I realize this may take alittle time to organize, I'll be in Friday" ( if call was made on Monday ... generally 4-5 business days is good enough.)

    Keep it non-emotional, professional and non-accusatory. My husband would say ... "it's just paper and ink" ... meaning this is business ... get it done and go home to let the emotions out.

    Healthcare is a business ... you hired them, or the managed care organization who contracts with them. They would love to maintain the God-like authority of days of old while still participate in the new contractual arrangement. Too bad for them they cannot have it both ways.

    An email would be better then a phone call as it is direct and leaves a lovely paper trail that cannot be disputed. Your email is going to rattle their cage. Business is business. To quietly refuse further treatment is one thing, to make them document it on PAPER and INK is quite another. If nothing else they will be doing some serious squirmming.

    Copy these to the managed care organization they both work for. Do some home work ... know which MCO it is and get the office manager's email address from the receptionist asap.

    You can do this. You need to do this.

    Take care,


  4. justlooking

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    Look for a Pain Management Dr who will work with you on finding the right treatment for you, whether its medication, injections, massage therapy, or a combination of other treatments.

    My regular Dr, who I've been with for over 10 years and assisted me in getting SSDI, told me he received a letter from the State of California telling him he had to refer all chronic pain patients to an Pain Dr. My Dr then called around found one who would continue to treat his patients with the same care and medication regimen he did and referred us all there. It has been a mostly positive experience. I still see my regular Dr for blood tests and check ups every couple of months and he ALWAYS asks me if the Pain clinic is taking good care of me.

    I think there are many Drs who are afraid to continue to prescribe pain meds long term or they have been told by State Medical Associations to refer chronic pain patients to Drs who specialize in pain treatment. I think you should start making some phone calls to Pain clinics to find out which ones recognize FM and are willing to treat you.

    Good luck,
  5. Jen102

    Jen102 New Member

    i had one doc dump me. i think the reason had to do with the fact he was trying to become a preferred provider for bc/bs. i think they had him running so scared that he wouldn't get approved, that he wouldn't treat me. they say jump, and he said how high. what a wimp. can you imagine being a doctor, thinking you are a big fish in a little pond, and yet being so scared that you can't even do what you trained 10 years to do. believe me, it isn't you, it's them. blessings to yuo. jen102
  6. bpmwriter

    bpmwriter New Member

    i've never had this happen personally, but other than the good advice already given, i would add, don't take it personally! you should absolutely not stop searching for new ways to treat your fibro. due to the sad state of the healthcare system, most doctors only get to spend 15 minutes or so with most of their patients. since they don't have the time or the inclination to keep up the latest fibro research, they'd rather dump you than reveal their own embarrassing lack of knowledge. this is a weakness of the healthcare system and the doctor, NOT you!

  7. ckzim

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    Your letter was so good! It would never occur to me to take these steps. Which I WILL be doing, step by step as you said. That's great! I have to thank you for giving me back my backbone, I think I lost it in the poor me syndrome!
    I am sure this doctor will squirm, as he told me that he hated when Fibro patients fall between the cracks. That he would do all he could to not let that happen. Yeah sure doc! Silly me believed him.
    He did explain that the AMA? I think? Can pull his records of what he is prescribing, and if it doesn't match what I have he can loose his license. I'm not on half as much as when he first saw me, soo, that doesn't hold any water.
    I can't help but think, that since he was a new doctor when I first went to him, he has now built up his clintele, and I'm a burden now, so out with the old in with the new. Whatever his reasonings,I will not go out without a splash!
    Your letter, really did change my frame of mind, and things look better now, that I don't feel so defeated.
    Thanks for making my day!
  8. JLH

    JLH New Member

    A lot of doctors are uncomfortable treating chronic pain patients.

    If he is giving you narcotics and you call in for a refill early often, or if you call for another script because your meds have been lost or stolen, they suspicion mis-use and will dismiss you from their practice.

    I know this happened to a person that I know--she would be in terrible pain and take an "extra" pill here and there and end up short by the end of the month. She would call her doc's office and ask for a new script a few days early.

    This happened one too many times and her doc dismissed her. This is the reason that he gave her--mis-use of drugs. His office staff mentioned that he did not treat patients that would jeopardize his license to practice!

    Now she is looking for another doc but has had a hard time finding one that will prescribe narcotics for her pain since this was the second time that she has been dismissed from a doctor.
  9. pirtpain

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    This may not have much to do with the subject but it made me think of something that happened to me. I go to a great rheumy. He actually studied with Dr.Robert Bennett who is a Fibro guru. He is in his late 60's or early 70's and as of

    the last 2 yrs. or so takes a small load of patients. This new dr. started in the office & took me as 1 of his patients. Once he started to ask me all these ?'s I really
    overwhelmed him. Anyway he left the room white as a sheet.

    He came back with the nurse and she said, " Dr. Silcox (my old rheumy) kept a list of patients that he felt he may have to hang onto due to the level of severaty of the case.
    It was so funny. I scarred the hell out of this young dr.

    He would have fired me too if he could just because of his lack of knowledge which is probably why most of these guys let go of their patients, they are scarred. Hang in there!!! I agree that you need to find a reumy with

    experience. New FM drs. just don't know the disease or are afraid of losing their license for prescribing narcotics. Even my experienced real careful with the dosage of oxycontin that he gives me. Well I really wish you good luck!!!Let us know what happens.

  10. elsa

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    I'm so glad you are feeling better. It is just so hard to go through this illnesses sometimes. The last thing you need is some arrogance thrown in ..... especially when you are too overwhelmed and sick to fight back.

    This is the best place there is for support, information, understanding and even a little "backbone" when we need it. I am truly glad you found your way here.

    Thanks for the kind words ... I'm glad I could help you. You would not believe the amount of help I have received from our members here .... feels good when I can return the favor to someone else.

    Let me know how it goes ..... Keep your chin up.

  11. zoemurr

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    because I *wouldn't* take any more meds. I was in there weekly when this all started, each time with something new. He ran a lot of tests, sent me to specialists (he was great for awhile..) but of course found nothing. I tried nortripthaline, bextra, and celebrex (by the way.. the last 2 can kill you..) with no results. He just kept going to his closet and grabbing samples and saying "try this".

    I did a ton of research, and tried to talk to him about magnesium, guai, chiros, dietiticians.. he said "none of that ever helped what you have. Stop doing all this research, I'm the Dr." Not sure if it was that visit or the next, but he told me we had too many conflicts to continue. One thing he did say that I am going to hold him to is "I am sure you are going to get better, but it isn't going to be with me."

    By the way.. chiro and mag. have helped quite a bit. :)
  12. JLH

    JLH New Member

    you have a good point.

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