are EAV machines quackery or true holistic methods?

Discussion in 'Alternative Therapies' started by jumpshot, Oct 2, 2013.

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    please google EAV machine studies and look at "regulatory activity related to EAV devices Quackery

    State tried to ban accurate and painfree testing by Dr. Johnathan Smith

    I know a church friend who was cured of lyme disease @ sonridgehealthcenter (google it also please)
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    Hi Jumpshot.

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    I read up on that practioner's site you cited somewhere, plus looked up one article about the machine, plus the info you've been posting on other threads, and a few things came to mind.

    I first thought that the machine's function was as a diagnostic tool, and it sounded similar to the diagnostic muscle testing some chiropractors do but without a machine. The machine is subject to the interpretation of the doc, as I assume it is with muscle testing.

    Plus when someone mentioned they looked up the machine, Rock or you, and said it's supposed to kill pathogens...that reminded me of a little hand-held home device that Moderator Mikie uses to kill pathogens.

    So that's all the further I've gotten in researching it so far.

    I suspect Quackwatch puts a lot of things down even when they actually work. I'm sure sometimes they're right too, though. Depends.

    Heck, tons of docs don't even believe CFS is real. But we know it is.

    Some articles put down chiropractors. But they are real healers.

    Some put down homeopathy, but it does work.

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