are ms and fm the same

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  1. tuesdaygirl

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    my friend was dx with ms about 3 years ago and i have fybro it seems so much the same cant seem to know the difference ?any help out there tuesdaygirl
  2. Rosiebud

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    MS/ME/Fibro all come under the same umbrella with similar symptoms but MS is a far more degenerative disease than M.E. or Fibro.

    I'm so sorry your friend has MS.

  3. tuesdaygirl

    tuesdaygirl New Member

    thankyou for your reply it gives me some relief about what i will be facing regards caroline x
  4. tuesdaygirl

    tuesdaygirl New Member

    thankyou you for caring my friend was dx about 2 years ago and she found the ms site and then she put me on to this site as you know you surf the net and get distracted on to other site but brill cause i wouldnt of found fybro hugs .take care caroline x
  5. karatelady52

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    This is from another website --- Lyme can mimic ms including the white lesions on the brain:

    Lyme disease is a demyelinating disease,
    and is often mistaken for Multiple Sclerosis.
    Lyme disease should be a differential diagnosis
    for all Multiple Sclerosis patients.

    Patients can go from physician to physician and get multiple diagnoses, including arthritis, anxiety, depression, and neurological problems such as memory deficits and cognitive dysfunction.
    Cognitive dysfunction involves brain processing and word retrieval, and can present as a brain disorder.

    Borreliosis causes a chronic infection of the nervous system and may produce a syndrome indistinguishable from Multiple sclerosis.
    Fatigue presents as a spectrum that includes fibromyalgia symptoms, all the way to chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome."
    I also want to add that many ms patients get tested for lyme but they use a fairly worthless test called Elisa. They should be tested by a good lab -- Igenex or Bowen -- and the test is called a Western Blot which is much more accurate and doesn't give false negatives.