Are nightshade vegetables and fruit causing you pain & flare ups?

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    I have known about nightshades and their ability to increase pain in people with fibro as well as arthritis. I also know that when I have anything with tinned tomatoes then it is literally a few hours before the pain intensifies and I go into a flare for a few days.

    I normally don't eat potatoes, but hubby and I were craving a good baked potato (the kind I make with olive oil and chili garlic salt and are so crispy and crunchy on the skins...sorry...I digress). So we had that Sunday and by the evening I was struggling with pain...I put it down to the overexertion in the garden on the Friday and Saturday.

    Monday night I made ratatouille - so basically a roasted nightshade cocktail....and I have been in a flare up since.

    Just mentioning this as I know how many of us watch our diets, and I find that the nightshades sometimes get ignored in regards to increasing pain.

    Here is a link to have a looksee.
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    thanks for sharing it...
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    I just find that there's so many things that we can do by modifying our lifestyle... And that of course includes food!