Are nightshades the culprit in increased pain levels?

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    As many of us try to eat healthier, and eating the right foods to encourage feeling better and cutting the sugar, flour, and many other things out.

    However, one thing that I have found in chatting with a variety of people is that they are unaware of nightshade veg causing pain.

    For me, tinned tomatoes are a no-no. Within 2 hours I will go into a flare up.

    Potatoes, peppers, eggplant, goji berries and cape gooseberries might very well be the culprits increasing your pain...and putting you into a flare up.

    (Of course, did I think twice about that when I made ratatouille for dinner Monday night? So basically a cocktail of most of the nightshades). And yep...pain has elevated by several levels and brain fog has increased as well.

    So, those lovely fresh veg that you might be eating may actually be causing you pain! Check out this link: